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Full text of "Rvle a wife and have a wife : a comoedy : acted by His Majesties servants"

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Ac* <• OS si oils j^ Slioir Xo. 

I*a//o/t Li7/jriii'. 

'yAr///t^M /yvv///.^///^ ._>^^/'/'/^va. 

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And have a Wif& 


Written by 
Jo-HN Fletcher 


Printed by Leonard Lichfield 
Printer to the'Thherfttj. . 
Anno 1^40. 



f ^ J Q- 

I -^ 





PLeafure attend yee^ And about jeefit 
The ^rings of mirth fancy delight andwh 
ToflirreyoHHf^ doe not y our look^ let fall, 
Nor to remembrance our late errors call, * 
Becaufe this day dp are Sp2inhrds all againe^ 
Theftory of our ^lajy ana our Sceane Spainer 
The errors tooy doe not for this canfe hate^ 
Nov? we frefent their -wit and not tkeirfiate. 
Nor Ladies be not angry ifyoufee^ 
Ayoungfrep beauty'^ Tvanton andtoofree^ 
Seeke to ^^^^fyfo^r Husband J}i II tis Spain^j^ 
NoJh:B£l^o^efTohiny)^Kmgdom»^igtf9ff$ , 
H^are Veftalls all, and though we bloj^ tlse pre^ ^ . 
't^efeldomtm^l^t pamcufto^defirt,^ . .^^ 

Take no example neithenfo beglnne. 
For fome by f^ep^eHt*3:eHgh\ fbjvnne: ^ >^ 

Nor blame the ?de\ ifhefilp afid^^ 
Sometimes lafdvioujly if not too wide, 
"^But holdyourTannes clofe,and thenfmile at e^ft, 
A crueli Sceane did never Lady fleafe. 
Nor Gentlemen, pray be not you di^ leased. 
Though we prefentfome men fooPd feme difeas*df 
Some drunke,fome mahdexwe meanenotym.youWfrei^ 
IVe taxe HO farther then our Comedie, 
Tou are our friends fit noble then and fee. 

A 1 




and have a m/e. 



? L 

" • ; ■ ? '-!■ ;■ " J 4 i, yn. * *f f t *^ 

Actus, i. 

SdlENA. I 


\ y 

Mnterffian de Qafiro^md Mich ftelt feres:,, 

'"Juan, No not yet fir.** '*'•"* ; ;' |(8bn,^ 
\ Notwillnot be this month yet>^s lrpc« 
^^^.,t^«^% How rifcs your commaund/' 
/l/ir^', Wepickctpftill,anaasout m^^ holdout, 
W e have men come, about that time t thihfee 
We fl^all be fuU'tofy,maiiy young gallants goe. 

/»/^». And unexperienced, , 
The warres are dainty dreams to young hot fpiritSi) 
Timeandexperiencewillalky thofe vifi6nis. 
We hare ftrafige tliMgs to fill dui: trambers, 
Thcre*s one DW^Z^iw?, a ftrange goodly fclIoWj 
Recommended to me from fbme noble Friends, 
Por mfAlfer'ei, had you but feeh his^perfbn. 
And what a Giants promife- itprotelteth, (too. 

Mich-. EhaVe lizard (Sifhini^and that tie hitli fety'd before 
^^id^/.BatiiotofiiiaonejttoT never f6tzntfl^on MicbAel 
That ame to my eares y et^ aske him a qucftioftj 

A 3 He 

He blufties like a girk, an^ anfwers,lit]e, 

fo the point lefle, he wears a fword agood one. 

And good cloaths too, he is whole skin*d, has no hurt yet. 

Good promifing hopes, I never yet heard certainly > 

pfanyGehtlcoianthatfaw him angry. 

\ ^/V/7.Prefcrvehim,hee*l conclude a peace if needbe^ . 

Many as ftrohg as he will goe along with us. 

That fweare as valiantly as heart can wi(h, 

Their mouth charg'd with fix oaths at once; and wh ole ons, 

Thatmake the drunfcen Dutch creepe fnto mole-hils. 

fuanJlk truCjiiich we muft looke fbr,but MichAell Perez,, 
When heard you oiBonna Margarettay the great heireffe, 
Mich J heare every hower of her,though I never law her, 
She is the main difcourie, noble Don luan de Cafiro, 
How happy were that man cood catch this wench up. 
And live at eafe, (he is faire, and youjig, and wealthy, 
Infinite wealthy, and as gratioustoo 
InallheTentertainements,asmcn report. 

fum^wx. fliee i& proud fir, that I know Tor ccrtaine. 
And that corns fcldome without wantonncfle, 
He that fliall marry her, muft have a rare hand, > -^ 

^r^. Would I were married,! would find that wifdomc, 
W ith a light reyne to rule ray wite^ if ever woman 
Ofthc moft iSibtleft mould went beyond mee, 
I would give the boycs leave to whqote me out o* th parifh* 
Enter a Servant • .^j,.r, 

Ser. Sir thercbe two gentlewomen attend to fpeak 

/i«^». Walton them in. 

Mieh , Are they two handfbme womenf 

^y^^-.They feem (b^very handfomc, but tlif y are vaii'd fit, 

Mich. Thou putft' fiigar in my mouth,hq#dt melts with 
I love afwect young wench. (me, 

Jnan. Wait on them in I fay. Exit ferv » 

Mich, 'Donlum. 

luan. How yon itch MiehaeiliiO^ you burniih I 
Will not this fouldiers heat out of your bones yet. 
Doe your eyes glow now^^ 


I^an. Say honeft, what fhame have you thett, 

i^if^A. I would faine fee that, 
- 1 have been in the Indies twice,& have fcen ftrangc thingss 
Bpt two honeft women;one I read of once. 

/^/f77. Pre thecbe modeft. 

il//V^. lie be any thing. 

Enter Servant yDoma, OArA^ mi 
SfiiJAmA vaitd, 

Jnan, You are welcome Lad}es. 
Mich. Both hooded, I like urn well though, 
^ They come not for advice in law fure heather. 
May be they would learne to raife the picke* 
I am for 'um. They are very modeft,tis a fine preludiuma. 

iHitn. With mee or with this gentleman, 
would you fpeak lady? 

Oar a. With you fir as I gueffc. Turn de Caftro, 

Mich. Her curtaine opens, fhe is a pretty gentlewoman* 

luan, I am the man, and ftiall be bound to fortune, 
I may doe any fervice to your beauties. 

CUrA, Captaine, I heare you are marchifig downe to 
^To ferve the Catholick King. (Flinders, 

' luAn. I am (weet Lac^^. 

ClarA.l have a kinfman and a noble^riend, 
Imploy'd in^thofe warres, may be fir you know him, 
Don CampufaHoCdLpt^inc of Carbines, 
To whom I wouldtequeftyourNoblencffe, 
To give this poore remembrance, ^ letter. 

If*an.l(hA\ doe It, 
I know the Gentleman a moft worthy Captaine* 

C/^r4. Something in private. 

Iftan. Step afide .vile ferve thee, ExJnAn.^ CUra. 

Mich- Prethee let me fee thy face. 

Bfiif, Sir you muft pardon me. 
Women ofour fort that maintaine faire memories. 
And keep fufped ofFfrom their chaftities. 
Had necde weare thicker vailes. 

Mich^ I am no blafter of a Ladies beauty ,r 

Nor bold intruder on her ipcciall favours,^ 

I know how tender reputation IS, 

And with what guards it ought to be prefcrvM lady., 

You may to me. 

J?///. You muftcxcufe me Seignior, I come 
Notkerctoiellmyfelft.^' '^- ' :^>^rT :nr -; yi:r 

Mich. As I am aGentleman^by the honour of ^ fouldkrj 

£/?//. I bcleeve you. 
I pray you be civilU belecve you would fee me. 

And when you have feen me,I bdeeve you will UI($ me. 
But i n a ftrange placeyto a ftranger too. 
As ifj came on purpofe to betray you. 
Indeed I will not. 

Mich, I ihall love you dearely, 
And tis a finne to fling away affecflion, 
I have no Miftreffcnd defire to honour 
Any but you,wil] not this oyfteropen?^ 
I know not,you have ftruck me with your modefty^ 
she will draw fiire;ro deep,and taken from me ? 
-All the defire I might beftp w on others^ . 
Quickly before they come. 

£fiif. Indeed I dare hot. 
Butfince I fee you arefo defirous Sir 
T o view a poore face that can meritftothing 
But y our repentance. 

y^//r^.lt muft needs be excellent, .^r^-jl-, 

'Eftif, And with whathorieftyyouasicc itpif me. 
When I am gone let your man follow me. 
And view what houfe l enter, thither come. 
For there I dare be bold to appeare op^n. 
And as I like your vcrtuous carriage then, M^ferlam^QU, 
I fhall be ablejf p give welcom e to you, . a Servant. 
Shee hath doheher bufinefTe,! muft take my leave fir., 

Mich, J 1 e ki fle your faire w hite band,and thank . y c I^dy, 
Mymanfliallwait,andIfliallbeyourrervant, ;^ 

Servd {hall doe itfaithfully. - Exit. 

Juan, You will command me no morciervices? • 

'■■■"'"""" ." ■' para. 

{?A^*;To be carcfoU of yout riobl€health,dtear€ Sfr, 
T ha 1 1 may ever honour you . '% 

Inaf^.X thank yoii. 
And kiffe your hands>wait on tfajc Ladies down there. 

Ml.YovL hadthc honour toifee'thf face that came to you. 

7»^;^,And'twasa fairconcwhat w^s yowc^^doff Michael^ 

MiMinQ was i'th 'clipfe/andhadaclovyd (Jrawapveric 
But I beh'eve well,and I hop^tishandfome^.^^oiciv^ 
SheeJaad a hand would ftirreabQiyJH^^miflj-i^^^.fjfg^^;^^^^^^ 

luan. You know none of uoi? ida^vr; ^ 


/»^» .Then I doe Captaine, 
But ile fay nothing till I fe,e the proofc ptft, bi^t»t 

SitclofeZ)<^»P^r^^,oryourwprfliipVc^ugl^^_ r^^^^^ 
I feare afly. ;,. . -.••. •::;;-.,■ ■ ■ ■:,..■ r-: J;,, .[ ';.,;,' .^^^^^^ 

yT//V^. Were tbofe fhe brought love letters f 
* luart. A packet to ^ kinfman now in Flanders ;, 
Yours was very modeft me thought. vbrlT 

^/V^. some young anmianagi4lbing» ^iyinc^nd^^d^ 
But I may live to fee— . ^yni m^r- .b a^rJi ^zom thm 
i»4«.Tisworthexpenencc>:ntrr - ^ff}^:^- W.v^^K " 
Let's walk abroad and view pur cpmpanies,, ■. .^. * h'M-^U% 

.S*^;;r&i Wh^t are ypu for the wars, ^/^»*<?^q ^Qg \^-'yc{nl 
,^;it9)ayrbe^I^^ -.v. ^lodnc^Y^k? ' 

/t may be noj rC ne as the humour takes mc, ; \ .^ ^-^ \^. 
/f / finde peaQC amongft the female creataref^^^^^ ^^^Y^ 
And eafie entertainment,ile (lay at home, .^.'yj? ? {\-vs>^ • 
/am notlo far obligedy^tt9 }p^g:marcjTfff^^^^i-^I ,;|^v 
And mouldy biskets to r,i^ina4f<^hQnc|«E^; .^ ^^^^^ f^j^ C'^^^ 
When you are allgone /hav,^ p^y chpiq^i)^fQ5q 1^9'. 
.4$'rf»rLpf which hofpitall thou v^iltjfwqatifil*^ 
Never leave wnoring ? 

Alon. There is leflje^an^er jn*t then guruiii?g';y^4feiii 
Though we be ftiot fomctinies tlie flaQ^'sii0t4nQrcaii," :\ 

Befidcs it break|nolimbs. ^^^ sveoI ^ jni I.o^:o>I;i^^> 

B ' Doft 

^ Rule i^ivife .and Kime^yp'ife. 

D'bft thou Ice laow thou pul'ft thy legs after thce,as they 
Hung by points. 

Mo ft. B ett^r to pull Urn thus then walke on wooden oncsp 
.yerve bravelj^ for a billet t6 fepport me.. 
' 4y^/7f/?'Fy,ty,tisbafe, '■ ^^^^ 

;j^/i7?^rDb'ft:thou couhtittefeto fc^^ 
Suffer abundantly ,tis the crowne of honour • . 
You thirik it nothing tolie twenty daies 
Vnder a furgeons hands that te&m nittcy. 

sanch. As thouhaftdi^e /amfure^btt /pcrceivcnovr; 
Whyyoudefiretoftay,theori^thieirefle,: ; 

€^/^>j .^ would /had hir. 

Sanch, They say flie will marry, 

-^/^«.Yes,^tHink (he Willi ;Oti»a^^>i5^*U3U< 

Sanch, And niarryfiiddenly as report goes tob^J^ ^ ^ 
She feares hif youth will not hold omAldhk^^^ 

AlonJv}6\x\A\ had the {Keatbingon'tiv - 

S^«<:^. They fay too liV^^yni 

Sheehasa greedy eys^tte muftbe fed snuoy; ^jhig? .<i^\^' 
With raorethen one mans meat.. — 3t)lotS7il-£nii3iia 

jibn. Would fhe wereminej ^ '^"^ir^^ •:!' rfrrow r " 
f Would cater for her wellenough: batSmchm*: • 
Therehe too many greatmen thatadore her, 
Princes,and Princes f elldwes-that ebime priviiedge^' . 

Sanch* Yet thofeftand offith* way of marriage^ /"^'"^ 
TobetiedtoamansplfeafiH^els'ife ' .i 

AlQfti Sheehas bought a bray e houfe here in towne*^^ 

*y<i«c^. ^ have heard lo;' ' 

^/o;? , If fh ce eohver tit no w to pibus iifes^ / 
And bid poorcGenitlem^en welcome. ; -^>'3fd ybii 

Alon\ Within tbefe two dafes.ffi'^ is in the'countrey yet. 
And keeps the. nobleft houfe. . ^ . ; 

u^/(9».No,no,l muftleaveyou 
And repaire to an old Gent]ewom«n 
- - That: 

"That has credit with her,that can Ipeafc a good word. 
Sanch, Send thee goodfortune, but make thy. body (cmi 
e>^/tf«. X am a fbuldier, Tfirft* 

And too found a body becomes me not. 

Farewell S4»c/^i<7. Exit, 

Enterafervantof MichaelTere^* 
Serv. Tis this ior that houfe.or Ihave loft mine ayme, 

Theyare bothfairebui]dings,rhe walked plaguyfaft, Ent. 

And hereabouts I loft her,ftay ,that*5ihe, Bfiif:. 

Tis very (he, — (he makes me a low cur t'fic. 

Let me note the place,the ftreet I well remember. Exiu 

She is in againe,certaine fome noble Lady, 

How happy (hould i be if fhe love my Mafter.* 

A wondrous goodly houfe,herc are brave lodgings? 

And I fliall fleep now like an Emperour, 

And eat abundantly ,i thank my fortune, 

lie back with fpeed,and bring him happy tidings. Exh, 
Enter three old Ladies n 

1 . What fliouW it mean,that in luch haft 

2. Belike the Lady Margaret has fomc biifincffc 
Shee would break to us in private* 

Tis a good Lady,ahd a wife young Lady. 

2 . And vertuous enough too I warrant yee 
For a yong woman of her yeares .• tis pittie 
To load her tender age with too much virtue*. -rc>|^i - 

g. Tis more fometimes then we can well away with. 
Enter A/tea, ; ' 

j^/t. Good morrow Ladies. 

^^. Morrow my good Madam^ 

1, Howidoes the fweet young beauty,Lady4^f«^^/irf/^?' 

2. Has rtie flept well after her walkc laft nigh^>) ^^^ . \ 
1. Are her dreames gentle to her minde? 

^/^ Airs well, . 
Shec*s very well,{hefent for you thus fuddenlj 
To give hit cownfell ip a bufijicffe ' 
That much concernes her. ,^'iv'rv^ .,. 

B a Shet 

S Rnte a Wife ^and hmiA Wife, 

•■^. Shcedoes well and wifely, 
To askc the" oeunfefl ofthcatirientft Madame, ' 
Otit yeareshavc run through marrjr things the knows not. 
-r^//. Shee would fainc tnarry. 

1. Tis a proper calling. 

And well befeemes her year es^who would flite yoke with ? 

^/^ Thatsleftto argue on,r pray come in - ' 
And break yOBr fafl:,drin!c a good ciip or tWo, * 
TiD ftrengthen your under ftandings, then fhede telf ye. 

2. And good wine breeds good comifell, 
Wele yceid to ye. .'] Sxmnh 

Entef Turn de ^Ujfh^^M Ee^ ^* - 
fuan; Have yoHften aby fcr vice?" 

fuan. Where ? 
, iiem. Everywhere. . , . 
' ''■■/ttan. Whatbffioebofisy^?;^ 

Leon. None,I was notfwbrthy. ' ' '^ '"^ ' " 

7/^^;?^ What Captaines know you^ 

Leofi, None^they were above mc. 

/»^«. Wdrdybti never hurt ^ 

Z^i?;?,Not that J wellrciiienibei*,,' 
Butonce J i^ole a H^n,and then they beatme; 
Pray a«ke me no long qtieftrohsa J have an ill memory. 

luafj, This is an Affe>did you nevertira w your fword yet ^■ 

Z^<7^ Not to doe a!ny harme I thank heaven for^f:. 

/^^;^,Nor n^^tanc-prifoherf^ - 

for 1 had nere no mony to r edeeme mco 
fumi. Can you endure a Dm m^ 

LeoH» It ma(ces my head afee. 

Inaa-Mc yifixrioi vaUarit' when you are Ax^Vi^ 

T J ^ 

Leon, rthink not^bfet I'am lovrilg Sir; 

luaft. What a4t>mp is^fiiis iiiani'^ ' ^ ^ 
Was your Father yvife.^y 

Z^^?/.Tobi^ifefcrnieMeiurp, "'i^^ 

for he gave all he had to iJty ybunge^ brother. ; - 

Imn, That was no fooli|h part ilte beareyoti wWneffe; 


Rule AWlfe And have A wife. 9 

Canfl: thou lye with a woman/* 

Leon, I think I could make fliift fir, 


Z^^, I know not, • i- u* - 
Darknefle indcedmay doe fomc good upon me. 

luan. Why art thou izviX, to n)c to be my oigScer, 
I,and commended too, when thou darft notfight.^ 

Leon. Therebe more officers of myopinion* 
Or I am cozend fir, men that talke more toor 

lum. How wilt thou fcape a bullet? 

Z^d?». Why bychancei , 

They ai me at honourable n>en, alas I am none fir. 

Ifian.Hhis fellow has fome doubts in's talk that ftriks me, 
He cannot be all foolc welcome Aioftz^o,^ - i^^ii ; (pany ? 

>^/^«. What have you got there temperance into your c6« 
The fpiritofpeace.? we (hall have warres Ent, C^ca, 

By th'ounce then, O here's another Pumpion, 
Let him loos for luck fake , the cram*d,fpnnG 
Of a ftarv'd Vfurer, ^rf^4/e7j^<?, both their brains butterd, 
^stnnot make two fpoonefulls. .?.; 

(^aca. My Fathers dead: I am a man of warre too, 
Monyes, demeanes; I have {hips atfea too, 
Gaptames. felft. 

/j^^/^.Takehped o'rh Hollanders, your ftiips may leake 

CacaA fcorne the Hollanders, they are my drunkards^. 

liAh^^ Put up your gold fir, ik borrow it elfc. 

C^r<;i. I am latisfied, you (hallnot. 
Gome our, I know thee, meet mine anger inftantlvo 

LeoHy iiiever wrong'd yee. 

Caca, Thou haft wrong'd mine honor, > v 

Thou look'ft uponmy MiQristteicelafeivioijflyj 
Ik make it good. ^ p^t u'- > 

Inan. Doejiothcat youf fclfo, you will fuf feit. 
C^cA.lhm ,watf ft-my mony CQo,wUb a pHir;of|[>^^b6nfs^ . 
Jn whom there was no trudi, foj? which I beai^th^e, 
I beat thee much, now I will hurt thee dangeroufly , 

.B J This 

I o Rule 4 ^ifeafjd have n Hftfel 

This fliall provoke thee. Hejhikfs, 

^^»* You ftruck too low by-a foot fir . 
luAH.Yow muft get a ladder when you would beat 
This fellow. 

Ztfd>».i cannot chufc but kick againcpray pardonmee, 
C^r^.Hadft thou not ask'd my pardon, Ihadkilld thee, 
I leave thee as a thing delpil'd , affoles mmm a voftra 
jtmare a Afaifire. Exit CAca, 

v^/o«.Youhave fcap'd by mirade^there is not in all spaine^^ 
A fpirit of more fury then this fire drake. 

Z(p<7;i.Ifeeheishafty,andIwouldgivehim leave, 
Tobeati^efoundly if he would take my bond. 
/i^^;^.What {hall I doe with this fellow? 
>^/(?«.Tprnehimofr, .- v 
He w ill inf ed the campe with cowardice, 
if hegoe with thee. 

fuan. About fome Week hence fir, 
If I can hit upon no abler officer. 
You (hall hear from mee* 
Leon, I defire no better. Sxh, 

Enter Efiifama and'Perez,* 
P^r. Youhave made meenow toobountifull amends, Lady 
For your ftrid: carriage when you faw me firft, 
T hefe beauties were not meant to be conceal'dj 
It was a wrong to hide fo fweet an obje(fl, 
I coo'd now chide yee, but it (hall be thus. 
No other anger ever touch your fweetncfle. 

Ejfiif, You appeare to mee fo honeft, andfocivill. 
Without a blufh fir, I dare bid yee welcome. 
Pere;^:,. Now let mee aske your name. 
Eflif Tis Eftifanle^ the heire of this poore place . 
P<?r^^, Pooredoeyou calUt, 
There's nothing that I caft mine eyes upon, " 
But fLcwesboth rich and admirable, all the roomes 
Are hung as if a Princeffe were to dwell here. 
The Gardens, Orchards,every thing fo curious • 
Is all that plate your owne too? 


Rule A y^ifci 4ndhave 4 r^ife^ x x 

Only for prefetitiiie, i have more ancj richer, 
When need fhall call, or friends compeli me u(e it, , 
The futes you fee of all the upper chambers, 
Are thofc that commonly adorne the houfe, 
3 think I have befides, as faire as civill, . 
Or any tovvne in Spaine can paralell. 

PereK. . Now if flic be not married, ihavefbme hopes^ 
Are you a maide.^ ...... 

Eftif.'Yaa make me blufli to anfvver, 
I ever was accounted fo to this howcr. 
And that's the reafon that l live retir'd fir. ^ . * : i, c^ 

P^^<f*sThen would I counfell you to marry prcfently, 
IPi can get her, i am- made for ever, - 
For every yeare you loofe, you loofe a beautyv 
A hiisband now an honeft careful! husband. 
Were fiich a comfort, will ye walke above ftaires. 

Eftif, This place will fit our talke, tis fitter farre 6r, 
A bove there arc day-bcds,and fiich temptations 

Peres:.. She isexcellent wife withal! too. 

^//flYounam'dahasband, lamnotfoftriAfir, 
Nor ti'dc unto a Virgins fblitarinelTe, 
But if a6 honeft, and a noble one. 
Rich, anda fouldicr, for fo i have vowed he fhall be, . 
Wereofter'd mee,i think i {hould accept him, . 
But above all be mufl: love. 
P^r<f^; He were bafe eHe, 
There*s comfort miniftred in the word foldier, , 
How fweetly {hould r live. 

^ftjf/i am not fo ignorant, but that I know wellj , 
How to be com manded, , '^'^ — — 

And howagaineto make my felfe obeyd firV. 

I waft but litlc, I have gathered muchy i 

My riall not the lefte worth, whentis^^fpent, . 

if Ipcnt by my dire(flion, to pleale my husband,, 

I bold it as indifferent in my duty. 

To behis maid i*th kitchin, or his Cook, 

Asinthe Hall toknow my fclfe theMiftris. 

1% RuU4'mfe4»dhifrje ayptfe, 

P^^<?*. Sweet, Rich,and provident, now fortune fticK 
To mee^r am a (buldicr, and iabatchiloar,Lady, 
And ftich a wife as you, i cood We infinitely. 
They that ufe many words, fome are deceitful!, 
I long to bea husband, and a good one. 
For tis moft certaine i fliall make a prefidcnt 
-For all that follow me to love their Ladies, 
I am young you fee, able I would have you think too. 
If 't pleafe you know, try me before you take mee, 
*Tis true 1 fliall not meet Jn equall wealth 
With ye, but lewel^, chaines, fuch as the warrc 
Has given mee, a thouftnd duckets I dare 
Prefumeon in ready gold, now as your 
Care may handle it', as rich cloths too, as 
Any he bears armes Lady. 

Sflif, Youare a true gentleman, and iaire, I fee by yee, / 
And luch a man I had rather take. 

Perek., Pray doe fo, ile have a Prieft o'th fudden. 

Eftlf. And as fiiddenly you will repent too. r 

P<?r^«.ilebehang*dor drpwn'dfirft. 
By this and this, and this kiffe. 

iE"/?//. Youare a Flatterer, ^,,., 

But I muft fay there was fomething when i faw you 
Firft, in that moft noble face, that ftirr'd my fancy. 

'iP^r^^.lleftirre it better er^ you fleepefweet Lady, 
lleiend for all my trunks and give up all to yee. 
Into your ownc di(pofe,before 1 bed yee. 
And then fweet wench, 
Sflif,You. have the art to cozen mee. Exemt, 

ACTliS 2. S C EN A I. 

Enter Margaretta^ andtrpo Ladies y^nd %AlieA^ ■. - . 

Mar gar. Sit ddwiie and give me your bpiniom fetiiBfifljr- 
I. You fay youhavea mind to marry Lady^ - * '*i 

Marg. Tis true, I have for to preferve my credit, 


Yet not fo mueh for that as for my ftatc Ladies, 

Conceave me right, there lies themaineo*tfaqueftion, 

Creditlcanrcdceme,mony will imp it, 

But when my monie*s gone, when the law (hall 

Ceazethat,and for ^ncontinency ftripme 


I . Doc you finde your body fo malitious that way. 

Marg. I finde it as all bodies arc that arc young and lufty^ 
Lazy , and high fed, I dcfire my pleafiire, 
Andpleafurel mufthave. 

i.'Tisfityouihould have. 
Your years require it, and *tis neceffary. 
As neceflary as meat to a young Lady, 
Sleep cannotnourifli more. 

1 . But might not all this be, & keep ye fingle. 
You take away variety in marriage, 

The abundance of the plcaliire you arc bar'd thent 
""I'ft not abundance that you aim« at. 
Marg . Yes why was I mad^ a woman. 

2. And every day a new.' 

lAarg. Why faire and young but to ufe it. 

1 . You arc ftill i'th right, why would you marry thea> 
4. Becaufe a husband (lopsall doubts inthispoint. 

And cleers all paffages. 

i, Whathusband mean yec. 

4. A husband of an ealy faith a fbole. 
Made by her weal th, and moulded to her plcafurc. 
One though he fee himfelfe become a monfter. 
Shall hold the doorc, and cntcrtaine the maker* 

2 . You grant there may be fuch a man. 

1 . Yes marry, but how to bring um to this rare 
Pcrfe<flion. # 

2. They muflbechofeji fo, things of nohonour. 
Nor outward honefty. 

Jiiarg, No 'tis no matter, 
I care not what they arc, fo they be lufty • 

2. Me thinks now a rich Lawyer, fome fuch fellow* 
That carries credit, and afacc of awe, 

C But 

14 Rnle^ JVifi^and haue a Wife , 

But lies with nothing but his clients bufincffe. 

Marg, No ther's no truft itig them, they are too fibtilL 
The Law has moulded 'urn of naturall mifcbiefe. 

X . Then fome gr ive governor. 
Some man of honour, yet an eafy man# 

Marg, If he have honour I am undone, ile none fuch, 
lie have a lufty manjhonour will cloy mee • 

4. Tis fit ye fliould Lady; 
And to that end, with fearch and wit and labour, 
I hav e found one out, a right one and a perfed 9 
He is made as ftrong as brafle, is of brave years too. 
And doubty of complexion. 
Marg. I s he a Gentleswan ?' 1 ^ 

4. Yes and a Soialdier, as gentle as you^would wiih him* 
A good fellow, wearsgood cloaths . 

Marg, Thofe lie allow him, | 

Theyare for my credit, does he undcf ftaad,. 
4. Verylitle. 
Marg, Tis the better ^ 
Has not the warres bred him up toanger?' : . . . r ; 

4, No, he will not quarr ell with a dog thati3fkeshim^,^ 
tethimvbe drunke orfober, isone filence. 

M^^^.Has no capacity what honour is? 
Forthat*sthefouldiers god. 
4. Honor's a thing tooftibtillforbis wifdomcj 
If honour lye in eating, he is right honbrable. 
JAarg. Isfhe ^o goodly a man d[oe youfaj ?^ 
4. As you fhall fee Lady, 
But to all this is buta trunke. 

yiarg: I.wouid have him fo, . 
I (hall adde branches to him to adorne him, 
Goe,finde me outthis tmn^ and let me fee him^ 
If he be that motion that you tell me of. 
And make no more noifc,! fhall emertaine him. 
Let him be here. 
4* HcfiiklLattendiyour Ladilhip. Exe4mn 

Enter f ftan, AionZiO,JindFerea:>» i 

Imn, Why thou art notmarried indeed. y^r^ ^, 

*P^r<?:s. No,no, pray think fo, 
Alas I am a fellow ofno reckonings 
Not worth a Ladies eye. 

^/9». Woodft thou ftcale a fortune. 
And make none of all thy friends acquainted with it^ 
Nor bid us to thy wedding. 

P<?r<?^. No indeed, , 

There was no wifdome in't , to bid an Artift, 
An old feducer to a femall banquet, 
1 can cut up my py e without your inftr uftions*. 

//!^^».Wasitthe wench i*th vaile* 

P^r^^. Bafto 'twas fhe, 
"The prettiefl: rogue that ere you look'd upon, 
Thelovingfl: theefe. 

fuan. And is fhe rich withall too, 
Perez. A mine,a mine,there is noend of wealth ©oroneli; 
I am an affe, a bafliftill foole, prethee Coronell, 
How doe thy companies fill now* 

luan. You are merry fir, 
You intend a fafer vvarre at home belikenow . (nellj^ 

T^erez, I doe not think I {hall fight much this year Coro« 
1 finde my felf e given to my eafe a litle, 
J care not if I fell my fooliili company. 
They are things o{ hazard, 

-/^/o». How it angers mcc, 
T his fellow at firft fight (hould win a Lady, 
A rich young wench, and I that have confiim*d 
My time ancTar t in fearching out their fu6tleties, 
Likeafool'd Alchimiftblowup my hopes ftill. 
When (hall we come to thy houfe and be freely merry, 

T^ero:. When I have mana^M hir a litle more, 
I have a houfe to entertaine an army* 

Alon. If thy wife be faire, thou wilt have few lefie 
Corrietathee. (Sinior, 

P<?r^^. But where theylget entertainment is the point 
> I beat no drum. 

^^lon, Youneed hone but her taber. 
May be ile march after a month or two, 

C * To 

1 6 Rule A JTlfe^attdhdve a fVife. 

To get mee a f rcfh ftomack., I find Coronci! 
Awantonneffcinwealtbjinethinkslagrce not with* 
Tisfuch a trouble to be married too. 
And have a thoufand things of great importance, 
lewclls and platts, and fooleries moleft mee, 
.To have a mans brains whimficd with his wealth.- 
Before I walk'd contentedly. 
Enter Servant. 
Serv, My Miftris fir is fick,becaiireyou are abfenfj . 
She mournes and will not eate; 

Perezs* Alas my lewelU, 
Come ile goe with thee, gentlemen your faire leaver^. 
You fee I am tide a litle to my yoke,. 
Pray pardon mee, would ye had both fuch loving wives.. 

fuan. 1 thank yee • 8xst, Perez. Serv. 

For your old bootes, never be blank Alanz^o, . 
Becaufe this fellow has out (Iript tbyiortunc. 
Tell me ten daies hence what he is, and how 
The ^ratious ftate of matrimony (lands witli him, 
Come, 1 ets to dinner, w hen Margarita comes 
Wee'l vifit both, it may be then your fortune. Exeunt. 
€nt, Margarita, Altea^ the Ladies i 

Marg, Is he come? 

4. Yes Madame, has been here this halFe houre, > 
I have queftion'd him of all that you can asfce him,. 
Andfindehim asfit as youhad made the man. 
Me wil 1 make the gobdlieft (liadow for iniquityo 

M<irf. Have ye learcht him Ladies ?' 

Omnes, Is a man at all points, a likely man. 

M^r^; Gall him in exf/r^^4 ExhLadp, 

Snt, Lean, Alteai. 
A man of a good prefence, pray yecomc this way, 
€>f alufty body, is his mind fo tame.. 

4. Pray.yc quefiion him, and if youfinde him not 
Fit for your purpofe, shake him off, there*s no barme 

M/irg-. Can you love a young Lady? How he blu£hes.. 
4. Leave twirl \n% of your hat,& hold your head up, 


Rule a wife, and have 4i;ififet> 2y 

Andfpeakto'th Lady. 

Leon, Yes,I think I can, 
I muft be taught,! know not what it meanes Madam. 

Marg. You (hall be taught/and can you whenllie pleafes 
Gee ride abroad,and ftay a week or two? 
You {hall have men and horfes to attend ye, ♦ 
And mony in your purfe. 

Zf<7;f. Yes I love riding, , 

And when I am from home I am fo merry. 

Marg^Bc as me^ry as you will* can youas hanfomely 
Whenyouareftntforback,come with obedienqe. 
And doe your dutie to theLadle loves you ? 

L^^». Yes furej {hall. 

Marg, And when you fe« her friends here. 
Or noble kinfmen,can you entertaine 
Their fervants in the Cellerjand bebufied. 
And hold your peace, what ere you fee or heare of, 

L<?^;^, T were fit I were hang'd elfc» - 

v^^r^ , Let me try y our kiifes. 
How the foole ihakes,! will not eat ye fir, 
Bc{hrewiny heart he ki{res wondrous manly. 
Can ye doe any thing elfe? 

Leon, Indeea I know notj 
But if your Ladi{hip will plcafe to inftruft me, 

Marg, Youfhallthenbeinftruifled; 
I f I {hould be this Lady that zStAs yee^ . 
Nayfay Imarry-yee? 

4« Harke to the Ladyv 

-^^^•^i What money have yee?? 

Leon, None Madam,nor friends, , 
I wood doc anything to ferve your tadifl^ip. 

Marg, You muft not look to be my M^ Sir, 
Nor talk ith houfe as though you wore the breechesi 
No,nor command in any thing. 

Leoni I will not* 
Alas I am notable,! haven© wit Madam. 

Marg, Not doc not labour to arrive at apy^ 

C 3. TwiiL 

1 8 Ride a Ivifeyattd have a mfe. 

Twill fpoile your head I take ye upon charity, 

^nd like a fcrvant ye muft be unto ftie, 

As I behold yoiir duty I (hall lovfe ye. 

And as you obfcrve me,I may chance lye with ye. 

Can you mark thefe. 

Zd-^^. Yes indeed fdflboth. 

Marg, There is one thing, 
That if I take ye in J put ye from me, 
Vttcrly from me,y ou muft not be fa vvcy , 
No,nor at any time familiar with me, 
Scarce kn6\*7 me, when I call ye not. 

Leon J will n6r,alas i never knew my fclfe fefficiently. 

Marg, Nor muft not now. 

Leon, He be a dog to pleaie ye. 

Marg, Indeed you muft fetch and carry as I appoint yc« 

Leon, I were too blame elft. : 

Marg, Kifle file agen; a ftroitg ftllow? 
There is a vigor in his lips : if you fee me 
Kifle any other , twenty in an horire fir, 
You muft not ftart,nor be offended. 

Z^5« No,ifyou kiffea thoufind I (hall beconteftted, 
1 1 will the better seach me how to pleafe ye. 

4.^ told ye Madam, 

Marg, Tis the man ^ wiihtfor5thelefrc yonfpealJ:* 

Leon» He never fpeak againe Madam, • ^ 
But when you charge me^theh ilc fpeak foftly too. 

M^rg, Get me a Pricftyile Wed him inftantly. 
But when you are married fir,you muft wait 
Vpon me,and fee you obfcrve my lawes* 

Z<?<?». Elfe you fhall hang me. 

Marg. lie give ye better clothes when you deferve um, 
Come inland ferve for ivftneffes. 

Omnes, We fhallMadam. 

Marg, And then away to'th citty prefently , 
lie to my new houfe and new company, 

Z^^«. A thoufand crownes are thinc,& lam a madeifian. 

4. Doc not break out too fbone. 

Z^£?«. I know my time Wench.] ^' Exennu 
' Bmer 

Enter Clardyand EftifaniOr with, a fap $r , 

C/^r^. What have you caught him '^ 

Clara. And doe you finde him 
A man of thole hopes that you aim'd at ? 

Efitf, ycstoo. 
And the mofl: kinde man and the ableft ^Ifo 
To give a wife content, he is fpund as old wine. 
And to his fbundnefle rifes on the pallat. 
And there's the man; i finde him rich too C^ara. 

Clara. Haft thou married hini. r 

Eflif, What doft thou think I fiffi withouta bait wench^ 
I bob f or fooles ?he is mine own I h^y e Jiii?! , 
I told thee what would tickle him like a trout. 
And as, I cafl it {o I caught him daintily, 
And all he has I have '(iow*d at my deyqtion. 

Clara, Does thy Lady know this?flie is commingnow to 
Now to live here in this houfe. ftowne? 

JE/?//^ Let hercome, v-' !; 

She fhall be welcome,! am, prepared fprhir, 
She is mad fure i^ fhe be angrj? atmy foirjune, ^i 

For wh^tl have mac^e bold* r-"- ' 

Ciara . Doft thou not love bim>^ 

Eftif. Yesjintircly well. 
As long as there he ftaies andlooks no far ther 
Intomyen^s,butwhenhe,doubts>Jhat^^ , , ^^ v 

And that wife hate w ill teach me bow to coiten html 
How to decline their wives,andcurb their manners. 
To put a-ftcrnpand ftrong reyneto thejr natiires>j 
And holds he is an Alfe i?ot worth acqvialntance. 
That cannot mould a divell to obedience, 
I owe him a good turne for thefe opinions, 
Andaslfindehistemperlmaypayhira. Enter^ere^ 
©here he is,now you ihalUee^ ^iode man. 

"fere^.. My ^{f^>?i^,{haU we^fadini^ct lambe, 
I know thou ftaift for me. 

^f I qaqngt c^t elfe,,^, .,^,^ :.^ I^*"^:' ^^, . 


* o Rule d mfcj Afid have a wife., 

Appeares about mc. 

^fl^f. You are welcome to it Sir. 

Pere:^^ I think I have the fweeteft feat in SfAine wench. 
Me thinks the richeft too,wcele eat ith garden 
In one o'th arbours, there tis coole and plealant. 
And have our wine cold in the running fountain 

Sfiif, A friend of naine Sir. 

^eres:., Ofwhatbreeding? 

Bfiif. A Gentlewoman Sir . 

/^e-r^pi^ Whatbufineflehasfhc? 
Is flieealearned womani'th Mathematicks, ,« 

Can (hee tell fortunes? 

-i^i?//". More then 1 know Sir. 
T^€reK,fdi has fhe ere a letter from a kinfwoman, 
That muft be delivered in my abfence wife. 
Or comes (he from the Docflor to falute ye. 
And learne your heal th,fhe looks not like a confcflor. 
Sflif, What need all this, why are you troubled Sic 
What doe you fufpedjflie cannot cuckold ye, 
Shcc is a woman Sir,a very woman. 

Perez,. Your very woman may doe very well Sir 
1 bward the matter,for though flie cannot performe it 
Inher own per{bn,flie may doe it by Proxie, 
Your rareft j ugglers work ftill by confpiracy . 

Eftif. Cry ye mercy husband, you are jealous then, 
And'happily fufpedl me. 
• T^r^*. No indeed wife. 

£7?i/] Me thinks you fliouldnot till you have more ca^fe 
And cleerer toot I am fure you have heard fay husband^ 
A woman forced will free her felfe through iron, 
A happy,c^lme,and good wife difcontented 
May be taught tricks. . 

Pere:ii No,no,I doe but |eft with ye, 

jEy?f/. To morrow friend lie fee you. 

Clara, I {hall leave ye 
Till then,and pray all may goe fWeetly with ye. Exit . 
^ Efiif, Why Where's chisgirle.whofeat thcdoore.iC^^ri^. 

Perez. / 

liule4Wife,Andhak;eAJVlfe, %i 

7»^r^^« Who knocks there.^ 
Is*t for the king y c comcy ou kriock fo boifteroufly ? * 
looktothedoorc. Enter maid. 

Maid. My Lady,as I live Miftr?s,my Ladie's comC| 
Shec's at the doore, I peept thrQUgb,& I faw her. 
And a (lately company of Ladies with her. 
Eflif This was a week too fobnjbut J muft meet with her. 
And fet a new wheclcgoing,andafiibtileone. 
Mad blind this mighty Mar§,or /am ruin'd. 

P^r^^. What are they at doore? 

Eft if. Such my Michael 
As you may blefle the day they enter'dihcre, 
Such for owr good. 

^erez,t Tis well. 

JFi?//. Nay /twill be tetter 
if you will let me but dilpofe the bufineffe'. 
And be a ftrangcr to it, and notdifturb mc, 
What have J now to doc but to advance your for tune. 

Peres:., Doe,^ dare truft thee,^ am alham'd / am angry ^ 
/finde theea wifeyoung wife. 

^/if, 7le wife your worfhip 
Before /leave ye,pray ye walk by and fay nothing. 
Only falute him,and leave the reft to me Sir, 
J^ was borne to make ye a man, 

'PertK, The rogue fpcaks heartily, 
Her good will colours in her cheeks, /am borne toloveheta 
/ muft be gentler to thefc tender natures, 
A fouldicrsrudeharfh words befit not Ladies, 
Nor muft we talke to them as we talk to 
Our OjScers,ile give her way,for tis for me flie 
Works now,/am husband,heire5and all fhe has. 

SnterMarg.Eflif,Leott,Altea^^ Ladies n 
Who are thcre,whatflantingthing«,a woman 
OFrarc prefence,excell^nt raire,this is too big 
For a bawdy h6ufe,to<lopen fcatcd too. 

JF/#y. My husband Lady. 

ij/<«r^. You have gain'd a proper man. 

^ereK,, Whaterc /am,/am your fervant Lady, kifes. 

D Mm 

i2 Ruleaff^ife^mdhaHeAPVtfet 

i?y?//. rurd now. 
And / fliall make ye rich, rhns is my cozen, 
That Gentleman dotes onher,even to death>feehow he ob- 
Pifr^^. She isa goodly woman. (fcrveshch 

^y?//. She is a mirroiir> * Sc 

But (he is poore;{hcwere for a Princes fide elfe, 1 

T his houfe flie has brought him too as to hir own? I 

And prefuming upon me, and upon my cur tefie. 
Conceive me {hort, he knowes-not but (he is wcalihy s j i 

Or if flie did know otherwife/twerc all one. 
He is fo far gone. 

Pere^, For ward,flie has a rare face. 

^//. This we muft carry with difcretion hiisbafict;^ 
And yeeld unto her for foure daies. 

*Peres:, Yeeld our houfe up,C)ur goods and wealth . 

JEfiif. All this is bwt in feeming ^^ 

To milke the lover on,doe yoit fee this writing, 
2 oo^ a yeare when they are maf ried. 
Has (he fealed too fer our good* the time's unfit now, 
lie {hew it you to morrow. 

^erez>. All the houfe. 

r/?//. AU,alI,ancl wed'eretriove fr6o,toGonfirme him, 
They*le into *th country fuddcnly agen " - 

After they are matcht,and then (hcele open to him . 

Perez, .The whole poffeffion wife,look what you doe, , 
A part o'ch houfe. 

^///. No,nG^ they (hall have alf. 
And take the ir plealiire too, tis for our Vantage^ 
Why,whats foure daies,bad youafifterfir , 
A Neece Of Miftris that required this curtefie. 
And fljould I makea fcruple to doe you good ? 
Verez. Ifeafily it would come back. 

Aseafilyas iteameonjftnotpitty 
To let fuch a Gentlewoman for alfttlchclj?, 
Yoti give away no houfe. 

Verez., Clcerebut thatqueftion. • 

MJl'ff, Ik|mt^tbe writingsinto y ouT'feaiid. 


Ptf^^^s. Wellthen. 
'■J ^i?#/; ^nd you ftiall keep them fafe. 

Verez:. . I am fatisfied; wood I h«l the wcnch (o too^ 

^fitf. When {hehas married him , 
So infinite his love is linckt unto hir. 
You, I ,or any one that helps at this pinch 
May have heaven knowes what. 

Ptfr<f«. He remove the goods ftr eight. 
And take fome poore boufe by,ti3 but for fourc daies. 

£flif. I have a poore old friend; there weclc be, 

P^r^;^ Tis well then. ' • 

Sflif, Goe handfome ofF,and leave the houfe cleere. 

9>ere!z. Well. 

i?#ff. Thatlitle ftuffe wceleufe (hall follow after; 
And a boy to guide ye,peace and we are made both, (wench. 

-^^^. Come,let'sgoein,arealltheroomesli;ept fwcet 
• ^//f. They are Iweet and neat. E^hPer. 

^ Marg, Why where's yoiir husbancf? 

Efiif, Gone Madam. 
When you come to your o^n he mud give place Lady . 

-Mir^. Welljfend you ioy,you would not let me know't. 
Yet I {hall not forger ye, 

Eliif Thank your Ladyfhip. Exeunt. 

A C T us 3, S C B N A I . 

Enter Margarita, Altea^and 'Boy, 

Altea, Are you at eafe now,is your heart at reft* 
Now you have got a {hadow,an umbrelU 
To keep the fcorchin^ worlds opinion 
Frpjn your faire credit. 

Marg. I am at peace Ahea^ 
Ifhe continue but the fame he {][je wcs, 
And be a mafter of that ignorance 
He outwardly profeffesjl am happy. 

The pleafure I fliall live in and tne freedome 
Without the fquint-eyc of the law upon me> 

D 2 Or 

14, RuieAJVifcymdha'i/eHWife, 

Or prating liberty of tongucs,that envy, 

4.Yoaareamadeworrian. * ' / 

Marg, Bat if he (hould prove now 
A crafty and diffembling kind of husband, 
Pne read in knavery,ana brought up in the art 
Oi villany coBceardi . 

4. My life,an Innocent . , 
il/^rj; . That'sit I ayme at, 
That's it I hope too, then I amJiir e I rule him> 
For Innocents are like obedient children 
Brought up under a hard md^her in law,a cruel. 
Who being not us'd to break- fafts & collations, 
Wten they have courie bread offerd um,are thank fuH, 
And take it for a favour too,are the roomes 
Madeready toentertainemy friends, I long todance now • 
And to be wanton-let me have a fong, is the great couch up, 

. 4.Tis up and ready. 

Marg , And day beds in all chambers? ' 

4. In all Lady, ^, 

Your houfeis nothingnow but: various pleafures . 
The Gallants begin to gaze too. 

^^r^. Let um gaze on,: 
I was brought up a Courtier, high and happy. 
And company is my delight, and courtfiiip. 
And hanfome fer vantsat my wi^,where*s my good hulband; 

4, He knovires his diftance Madam , 
Ii warrant ye, he is bufie in the eel ler • 
Amongft his fellow fervantSjor afteepa 
Till your command awake him* . 

Marg, lis well ^Itea, Ent€r "Leon^ 

It (hould be fo,my ward ^ muft preferve him^ 
Who ftnt for dare he come uncali'd for., 
9is bonnet on too. 

4. Sure he fees you not. 

M^r^. How fcornefully hclookes « , 
I^o». Ate allthe chambers . 


Deckt and adorn'd thus for my Ladies pkaiure, 
Ncwfaangings every hourc for entertainment. 
And new plate bought, new jewels to give luftre. 

Ser. They are, and yet there muft be niorcand richefj, 
Itishcrwffl. ; 

L,€on\ Hum, is it fo, tis excellent, r 
It is her will tpo,to have feafts and banquets, 
Revel Is and mafqucs. 

S<f r. She ever lov'd urn d earcly, 
And weihallhave the braved houfe kept now fir, , 
1 muft not call ye inafter (he has warn d mce. 
Nor muft not put my hat off to ye. 

Z^e>«. Tisno fiftiion, 
What though 1 be hir husband, I am your fellow, 

Serv. That's as you {hall deferve fir. 

Leon. And when I lye with her. • 

jl'rr. May be ile light yee. 
On the fame point you may doe mee that fcrvice. 
Enter \/l^dy, 

I Lady.. Madame,the Duke Medina with fome captaincs 
Will come to dinner, and havefent rare wine. 
And their beft fcrviees. 

Marg, They (hall be welcome, 
See all be ready in the nobleft faftiion , 
The houfe perfiim'd, now i (hall take my pleaiurc^ 
And not my neighbour luftice maunder at mee, 
Goe, get your beft cloths on, but till I call yee, , . 
Be fure you be not fcene, dine with the g(?ntle won^B^^ 
And behave your fel fe cleanly fir , tis for my creditor, ' .- 
Enter 2, Lady, 

2. Madame, the Lady //^//i«. 

Leon That's a bawdc, 
A.three pild bawde, ba wde major to the army. 

2» Hasbrought her coach to wait upon your Ladifliip, 
And to be informed if you will take the aire this morning. 

Leon, The neat aire of hir nunnery^ 

^^rg-* TelJi her no, f th afternoone He call on hir« 

Marg, Why are hotybfl-g5nc to prepare your fclfe,' 
May be yoafhailbefewer-to the firft courfc, 
A portly prefencei Altea he looks leape, 
Tis a vvaCh knave, he will not keep his flefli well. 

4. A willing,tnadamei^^§fte'that need« no Ipurrlng. 

Leon. Faith madame, in *rjy litle underftanding, 
You had better entertaine your honeft neighbour^ 
Yoiir friends about yee, chat may fpeak well of yee. 
And give a wbrtRjftii^ntidJi<#yonr bounty . 

yi^arg. How rioiv^ >^hatVthis/' : 

Z^e?;?. Tisonly toperfwadeyec, 
Courtiers are but ticKle things to dealc withall, 
A kind of march-pane men that will not laft Madame, 
An egge and pepper goes farther then their potions. 
And in a well built body, a pc^re parftip 
Will play his prize, above tneir ftrong potabiles* 

Afar, The fellowes mad. 

Z^<?». He that flballcounfell Ladies, 
That have both l^icorifliand aftibitious eyes. 
Is either tnad, or dntnke, let him fpeake GofpelL 

4. He breaks out mod eftly. • 

Zeoft, Pray ye be not angry. 
My indifcretionhas made bold to tell yee, 
what youl find true. 

-4/4^. Thoudafeftnottalke. 

£<fo;2. Not much Madame, 
You have a tye upon your fervants tongue, 
He dares not be lb bold a&reafon bids him, 
T were fit there were a ftronger on your temper, 
Nere look fo (lerhe upon mel am your husband, 
Buu what are husbands, read the new worlds wonders^ 

Such husbands as this monftrous world produces> 
And you wiH fcaree findefuch deformities. 
They ar e iOiad owes to conoeale your venial I vertues, 
Sailes to your mills, that grinde with all occafions. 
Balls that lye by you, to wafli out your ftaines^ 
And bills nnld up with horncbefbre7our ftories. 



Ma^^ X>QS. ypii hear, hiai taJkc ^ 

Zf^». 1 have done Madame, 
An oxe once rpoke,as learned men deliver. 
Shortly I (hall be lucb, then Ileij^eak; WQaders^ 
Till when I tyc mylelfe to mj^obe^diencev '' \ ' . ^p^^*^* 
^^r.Firft ileuntye my k\hx^^ytiimix\it^i^^ 
How boldly and how iawfily he talkd. 
And bow unlike thclurhpe I toQkKm for, 
Thepeeceofignor^tdQWchefloo^up tome . 
And mated my commands^ tlii^jw^s ^^'%^^S'y.}^^^^^'^ 
Your wjfdome, to eleft tftis g€nHea^^pL^^\^^ 
Your excellent brecallin the tiian^ you^knpvviedge, 
.What think ye now. 

4« I think him an afle ftill , . . 

TWs boWneffe fome of your peppl.efiav^^^ 
fh to him, this wifHoi»e,t;oD with jlrpng.w 
*Tjs a Tirint, and a Ptilprophefcalfo, and findes 

Mar, He have npy celler lockt, no fchoole kept there. 
Nor no difcovery, lie turne my drunjtards, [ 
Such as are underiiandlingin their draughts. 
And difpu te learnedly the whycs'and wlierefbres. 
To graffe immediatly^ lie keepall foolcs, 
Sober or drunk, ftill .fooksjtbat ihallknovy nothing. 

Nothing belongs to mankind, but obedience, 
Andfuch a hand lie keep ov-er this^husband. 

4. He will fall againe, my life he cry es by this time. 

Keep him from drinkjhehas a hye coiilitutioHv 
EKt, Leon. 

Leon. Shall I new fute Madamef 

^(^<i?;^. No your old clodiesi 
And get youinto the country prefently^ 
And fee ny hawkes well train'd, you ftiall have viftualls* 
Such as arefit f or fawcy pallats fir, 
Aiid lodgings with the hinder it; is to good too. 

4. Good madamebenot fo rough, with repeutance. 
You fee'$.qoin€£9Ufl'd ^a^^^ 


28 , Rule antflp, and have amfe\ 

Mar. I fee not what I cxped to fee . f fliip. 

Leon, You {hall fee Madame, ifit fliall pi cafe youc Lady- 

4. Hec*s humbled> ^ T ' 

Forgive good Lady. » 

^^>?yf . WeU goegetyouhandiomCa 
And let me heare ho more, • 

Z^o«. Have ye yet no feeling. 
He pinch ye to the bones then my proud Lady. Exit 4 

lAarg, See you prcfcrve him thus upon my favour, 
You know his temper, ty e him to the grindftonc. 
The nextrebclHoh Ik be rid othim, 
lie have no needy rafcalls, I tye to me, 
Difpute my life, come inand fee all handfome. 

4. 1 hope to fee you fo too, I have wrought ill dfc . Exit, 
Enter Peres:,. 

^er» Shal 1 1 ne veifVeturne to mine owne houfe againc* 
We arelodgMhere iii the miierableft dog-hole, 
A conjurers circle gives content above it, . 
A hawks mew is a princely pallace to it. 
We have a bed no Digger then a basket, 
^nd there we lye like butter clapt together. 
And fweat our ielves to iawce immediatly. 
The fiimes are Infinite inhabit here too; 
And to that fo thick, they cat like marmalette. 
So various too, they*! pofe a gold finder. 
Never returiae to mine own paradifc? 
Why wife l fay, why Sflifania. 
Eftif^tvithin, lamgoingprelently. 

P<?r^«.. Make haft good j'e well, 
I am like the people that live in the fweet Hands: 
I dye I dye ififtay but one day more here, 
My lungs are rotten with the damps that rife. 
And I coughnothing now.but ftinks of all forts, 
The inhabitants w e have are two fiarv'd rats. 
For they are not able to maintain a cat here. 
And thofeappeare as fearfull as two divells. 
They have eat a map of the up alrcady,^ 
And if wc ftay a night we are gone for company, 


Rule A JVifsy and have4 Wife, 2^ 

Ther*s an old woman that's now grown to marble^ 
Dri'd in this brick hill, and (he fits i'th chimnie, 
. Which is but three tiles rais'd like a houfe of cards^ 
The true proportion of an old fmok'd Sibill ^ 
Thereisayoungthing too that nature meant 
For a maid fervant, but tis now a monftcr. 
She has a huske about hir like a chefnut 
W ith bafincffc, and living under the line here. 
And thcfe two make a hollow found together, 
like froggsor windsbetweentwo doores that murmur^; 

Mercy deliver mee, are you come wife. 
Shall we be free agen . 

Eftif. I am now going, 
And you fliall prefently to your own houfe; fif , 
The remembrance.of this fmall vexation. 
Will be argument of mirth for ever* 
sBythat time you have faid yourorifons. 
And broke your faft, I ihall bebackand ready, 
To ufher you to your old content, your freedome. 

P^r.Break my neck rather, is there any thing here to eat 
But a race of Canniballs, 
A peece of butter'd wall you think is excellent, 
r'^ Lct*s have our houfe agen immediatly. 
And pray yee take heed unto the furniture, 
Non<e be imbeflcld. 

Efiif, ^ot a pinne i warrant yee. 

y^r^^. And let um inftantly depart. 

£/?;/. They fhall both. 
There's reafon in all curtcfies they muft both^ 
For by this time I know flie has acquainted him^ 
And has provided too fee fen t me word fir, 
An4 will give over gratefully unto you. 

7>tfr^«,. lie walke i'th Church-yard, 
ThedeadcannotofFcndmoretben thrcfe living, 
An houre hence lie expcft ye. 

£/?{^. lie not failc fir. 

>rr.And doe youhearc, let's have a handfome dinner, 

E' And 

JO Rule A Jfnfeyandhane ^ PFife , 

And lee all things be decent as they have been, 
And let me have a ftrong bath to relbre mee, 
I ftinklikca ftall-filli fhambles,oranoi!e (hop. 

JSfiif. You fliall have allwhich fome interpret nothings 
He fend ye people for the trunks afore hand> 
And for the ftuiFe. 

Pere^ . Le t um be known and honeft. 
And doe my fervice toy our neece. 

But iC I come not at my hower come thither,, I 

1 hat they may give you thanks for your faire curtefyj . | 

AmJ; pray ye be brave for my. fake. ^^ 

W^ere^. I obfcrve ye. Exeunt. 

Enter luan de CafirOi Sanchoy and {^acafogoi 
Sane, Thou art very brave . 
Coca, \ have reafon, i have mony. 
Sanch. Is mony reafon. 
^^(vi. Yes and rime too Captaincy 
^yehavcno monyy'aranaflfe. 
^^«^. I thank ye. 

C ac.Yc have meaner, ever thank him thatbas m ony a 
cJ/^wr, Wik thou lend mce any? 
C^r. Notafarthing CaptainCj, 
Captaines are cafuall things. 

Sane. Why fo are all men,thett (halt have my bond. 
C^.- Nor bonds nor fetters Captaine, . 
My mony is mine owne^ i m^e no doubt on' t, 
iumi Whatdoft thou doe wj A it^ 
C<«ff. Put it topious ulesj 
Buy wineandwenches,and ondoe young coxcombs^, 
That would undoe mee. 
/;i^^«> Are thofe hofpitalls? 
Cac J Hrl} provide to fill my hofpitalls^ 
With creatures of mine owne that i know wretchedj, 
And then I build,thofe are more bound to pray for mccr 
Bcfides I keep th'inheritance in my name ftill. 

lHa», A provident charity, are you for the wanes fir^ 
C4C, I am not poore ^noug^h to be a fouldicr, 


KTor have I faith encni^ to ward a bullet. 
T his is no lineing for a trench I take it," 

^«/««. Ye have faid wilcly. 

C<<r. Had youbuto^y mony. 
You would fweare it Coronell, I had rather drill at home, 
A hundred thoufifid cro wnes, and with more honour. 
Then exercile ten thoufand fooles with nothing, 
A Wife man fafely feeds, foolescut their fingers. 

Sane. A right ftate-ufurer, why doft thou not marry. 
And live a reverend luftice. (to beonc, 

C^r.Is't notnoblertocommandareycrentiiiftice, then 
And for a wife, what need l marry Captaine, 
When every courteous foole, that owes me mony, 

wes me his wife too, to appeafc my fury, 
luan. Wilt thou goc to dinner withus. 

C^c, I will goc, and view the pearle of Spaine,thc orient 
Faire one,the rich one too, and i will beref perted, 

1 beare my patent here, I will talke to her. 

And when your Captaines fliips (hall (land a loofc. 
And pick your nofes, I will pick the purfe, 

fnan The Duke dines there to day too, the Duke of Me* 
(fWtf. Let the King dine there, {dina^ 

Heowes me mony,and fb farre*s my creature. 
And certainly I may make bold with mine own Captain* 
*y«i«r. Thou wilt eate monftroufly, 
Cac. Like a true borne Spaniard, 
Bate as I were in England where the beefc growcs. 
And I will drink aboundantly anddien> 
Talke ye as wantonly as Ovid did. 
To ttirre the intclle(iualls of the Ladies, 
I learnt it of my Fathers amorous Scrivener. 

luan. If we fliould play now, you muft fupply mce» 

Cac. You muft pawne a horfe troope. 
And then have at ye Goronell. 

cJ^^r. Come let's goe. 
This rafcall will make rare fporf, how the Ladies 
Will laugh at him. 

'9 1 

ludn. If I light on him lie make his purfe fweat too] 

Cac. Will ye lead gentlemen. Exeunt, 

Enter ^erez^^ an old Woman ^ And Maid, 

Teir. Nay pray ye come out, and let me underftand ye^ 
And tune your pipe a title higher Lady, 
lie hold ye M: rub^how came my trunks open, . 
And my goods gone, what picklock fpirit. 

Old Worn, Ha what would ye have? 

ferMy goods agen, how came my trunks all open * 

Old-wo, Are your trunk* open? 

T^ipr. Yes and cloths gone, 
And chaines,and lewels^how Ihe fmels like hung .becfe, / 
Itie palfy and picklocks, fy how fhe belches, \ c ^' 

The fpirit of garlick. 

(?/^7r^. Where*s your gentlewoman? 
The Joung faire woman. 

Tlsr, What's that to mfqueftioHi 
She is my wife: and gone aboutmy bufineflco 

J/W. Is fhe your wife fir, • 

Per. Yes fir, is that wonder; 
1§ the name of wife unknown here. 

Oldwo. Is {Ke truelyj truely your wift. 

Per: I think fo for I married her, 

:^^/W.Sbehasthe keyesfir, 

^er. I know fhe has. But who has all mygoods fpirit, 

02d ^^.^ If you be married to that Gentlewoman, 
Yx)U4re^ wretched man, fhe has twenty husbands. . 

j/^/U She tells you truci 

t?/^ ??'<?. And {he has cozend all fir;; 

Ver. The Dwell •ihe has, 1 hat;! a f aire houfe with herj 
Thatftands hard by, and furniiht roially . (maa, 

Oldrpo You are CGzend tooj tis noneof hirs good gentle«? 
It is a Ladies, what's the Ladies name wench. 

Matd, The Lady Margari/ay (he was her Servant . 
And kept the houfe, 6ut going from her fir. 
For fome kw^d tricks fhe plaid. 

Prr, Plague athe Divell, , 


Rule a wife, and have a mfel - g 3 

Am I i'th full Meridian of my wifdome 
Cheated by aQ:alequeane,what kinde of Lady 
Isthat that owe> thefioufc? 

Old, vpo, A young fweet Lady, 

VereK. Ofalowftaturc? • 

Oldrvo. She is indeed but litle, but (he is wondrous feire^ 

Verecz., J feele I am cozend. 
Now I am fenfible I am undone. 
This is the very woman fure,that cozen 
She told me would en treat but for fouredaie§, 
Tomakethehonfehirs,IamintreatcdfweetIy. .^ .^ 

Maid. When fhe went out this morning,t;hatI jtaw Sir, 
Shee had two women at the doore attending, 
And there flae gave um thingSjand loaded urn. 
But what they were,^ heard your trunks to og^n^ 
Iftheyibeyowrs. : 

"Terez. They were mine while they arcladen. 
But now they have caft their cal vesjth^ey are not worth 
Owning, was fhehir Mjftris fiy you? 

Old wo. Her own Miftris^her very Miftris,Sir, and all you 
Abour,andinthathoufewashirs. ,. j.-r T^^ 

T^r^^. No plate,nojewek,Tiornb hangings? 

Maid, Not a farthing , fliee is poore, fir,a poore fliifting 

'7'<?;'tf-5i» No monev ? thing* 

Old wo, Abjpminable pqorc^as pQQre as we are, 
Money as rare to her unleffe fhe fteale itf 
But for one civill gownehir Lady gav^hir, 
Shee may goe bare good Gqndewoman.^ . 

^ere^. I am mad now, * • ' 
I think I am as Qie,Um wide clfey . 
One civill fute I have left too,and that's all, , 
And if flie fleale that flie muft flea me ifor it, , 
Where does (he ufc? 

Oldvpo, You mayfinde truth as fbone, 
Alas a thoufand cone^ardcomers (Jr,fheeli^rk§in/ 
And here flic getsa fle£Ce,and there another, - , j^ 
And lives in miftsand Imoakes where none caafinde her. % 

Verc^* Is ihec a whore too? 

E J Qldw^ 

>|4 Rftte <4 wifeyAni have a ifptfe. 

<?/rf jy^.Lkle better Gcntktnan,T dare n6t fay (hee is fb 
She is yours,rif,but tliefe J y eares (he has firkt f fir, bccaufe 
A pretty living, 

Vntill fhecamctofervejXfearc he wlUkflockmjf 
Braines out for lying. 

Vere^, She has ferv*d me faithfiillyr 
A whore,andtheefe,two excellent mortall learnings 
In one (he Saint, i hope to fee her legend. 
Have I been fearM for my difcoveries. 
And courted by all women toconceale urn. 
Have I fo Idng ftudied the art of this fex. 
And read the warnings to young Gentlemen-* 
Have I profeft to tame the pride of Ladies> 
And make um bcare all tcfts,and am I trickt now, 
Gaughtin myn^ dwnri6o5t€, hero's aroyall Icftyct, 
Theres for your lodging and your meat for this week. 
A filk-wormelives at a more plentifull ordinary. 
And fleeps in a fweeter box,farcwell great grandmother, 
if I doe findc you wcrean acceffary , 
Tis butthecbtting dfftoo findakic minuter. 
He hangyeprefently. - 

Oldwo.knA I delerveitjitell but truth. 

Pfr^«.. Nor 1,1 am an afle mother. Exeunt, 

Enter the Duke, Medina Jmhh de C^firo^Alonzjf)^ 

!)/<%. A goodly houft. 

Juan, And richly furniflit too Sir. 

^/<7». Hung wantonly J like that preparation. 
It ftirres the bloud unto a hopefull banquet. 
And intimates the Miflris free and /ovialJ, 
I loveahoufe where pleafure prepares welcome. 

^uke. Now C^afego.bovf like you this manfion, 
Twere a brave pawne. 

C<ir<<. I (hall be mafter of it, 
Twas built for my bulk,the roomes are wide and fpacious, 
Ayerie,and fullpf eafe,and that I love well, 
He tell you when I taft the wine my Lord, 
And taketheheighthof hirtablewith myftomack/ 


Rnie A Wife,A9dh^0 4 Wife. J f 

How my affedions ftand to the young Lady. 

Enter MargaitdyAlteayLadks^andfervMnfs. 

Marg, All welcome to your Grace,and to thcfc iouldicrsj 
You honour my poore houfc with yourfairc prcfcnce, 
Thofe few flight plea&res that inhabit here fir, 
I doe befeech your Grace command,they arc yoiirs; 
Your (ervant but prefer vesum to delight ye, 

^nke, I thank ye Lady, i am bold to vifit ye. 
Once more to blcffe mine eyes with your fweet beauty , 
Tas beena long night fince you left the Court, 
for till 1 faw you now,no day broke to me. 

Marg. Bring in the Dukes meat. 
Smc, She is moft excellent. 

Juan. Moft admirable faireas ere I looked on, 
Ihad rather command her thenmy regiment. 

Caca. lie have a flings tis but a thouland Duckets,, 
Which I can cozen up agen in ten daics. 
And feme few jewels to juftifiemy knavery, 
Say J (hould marry her,£heele get more mony 
Tnen all my ufiirie, put my knavery to it, 
Shee appeaVes the moft unfallible way of purchafe, 
I: cood vvifli her a fizeor two ftronger,for the incounter,> 
For I am like a Lyon where I lay hold. 
But thefe Lambs will endure a plaguie load. 
And never bleat neither,that fir, time has taught us. 
I am fo veirtuousnow, I cannot Ipeak toher. 
The arrant'ft (hamefac d affe, i broilcaway too, 

yl/^^^. Why where's this dinner!*^ 

£<?<?«. Tis not ready Madam , 
Norfliallnorbeuntill I knowthe gueftstoo^ 
Nor are they fairely welcome till I bW um* 

Juan Is not this my jny^lferes: he looksanotherthingg, 
Are miracles a footagaine.^ 

J^arg. Why firra, why firra you, 

Leon^ I heare you fancy woman. 
And as you are my wife command your abfencc, 1 
And know your duty,ti« the crowne of moddlyt. 

3 ^ Rule 4 i»lfiy andkaveA'^ife, 

^^^^^. Your wife? 

Zeoff, Yes good my LordJ am her husband, 
•And pray take notice that I claime that honour, 
Andwill maintaineit. 

C^r^. y thou beeft her husband, 
lam determined thou (hall be my Cuckold, 
lie be thy faithful! friend, 

Z^tf;j. Peace durt and dunghill, 
1 willnotloofemyangeronarafcall, 
Provoke me more,ile beat thy blowne body 
Till thou reboundd agen like a Tennis ball. 

^^lon. This is miraculous. 

<y<«»c. Is this the fellow 
That had the patience to become a foole, 
A flurted foole,and on a fudden break, 
As if he: would fhew a wonder to the world. 
Both into bravery^and fortune tooj 
I much admire the man J am aftoniflit. 

A^arg, He be divorced immediatly 

You ftiall not have fo much will to be wicked. 
I ammoretender of your honour Lady, 
And of yoar age,you took me for a ftiadow. 
You took me to glofle over your difcredit. 
To be your foole,you had thought you bad found a coxcomb- 
I am innocent of any foule difhonour I meane to ye. 
Only I will beknownetobe your Lord now. 
And bea faireonctoo,or I will fallfor't. 

Marg, I doe command ye from me thou poore f ellow^ 
Thoucozen'd fbole. 

Leoff. Thoucozen'd foole,tis notfo, 
I will not be commanded : i am above yes 
Youmay divorce me from your fevour Lady, 
But ifrom your ftate you never fliali^ilehold that. 
And hold it to my uicjtbejaw allowesit. 
And then maintaine your wantonnefleile wink at iu 

Marg, fivAl braved thus in mine own houfe, 

Zf <?». Ti$mmeMadam/» 

■ You 

Youaredeceav*dlamLordofit, Jrulcitand allthat*sin*t* 
You have nothing to doe here Madam, 
But as a fervant to fweep cl^an the lodgings, 
And at my farther will to doe me fervice, 
Marg.M you love mee give way. 
X«f<?». It (hall be better, * 

I will give none Madame, 
I ftand upon the ground of mine own honour 
And will maintaine it, you (h«ll know me now. 
To be an underftanding feeling man, 
Andfenfibleofwhatawomanaimes at, 
A young prcaxdc woman that has will to faile with„ 
An itching woman, that her blood provokes too, 
I caft my cloude off and appeare my fclfe. 
The mafter of this litlc peeceof xnifchiefe. 
And I will put a fpell about your feet Lady, 
3iity (hall not wander but where I give way now. 

Dnk, Is this the fellow that the people pointed at^ 
For the meere fignc of man, the walking image. 
He fpeaks wondrous highly, 

Zf(7^ As ahusband ought fir. 
In his owne houle, and It becomes me well too, 
I think your grace ivould grieve if you were put to it. 
To have a wife or fervant of your owne. 
For wives are reckoned ia the ranke of fervants, 
Vnder your own roofe to command ye. 

luan. Brave , a (bange convertion , thou (halt lead 

Buk. Is there no diff erencebetwixthir and you fin 

Leop. Not now Lord, my Fortune makes me even. 
And as i am an honeft man, I am nobler* 

-/kf^y^. Get me my coach. 

£f o» . Let me fee who dare get it 
Till I command, ile make him draw your coach too. 
And eat your Coach, (which will be bard diet) 
That executes your will; or take your coach Lady, 
I give you liberty, and take your people 

F Which 

38 JRHleAWlfeyandhM€4fV^ti 

Whicfi t'turn^ off; ^nd takcj'oarvjriil abrbW^ wkh^ "^'{^ 
Take all thefe freely ,,but tikemerio^mdi5e^i^^^ ''' 
And fo fare well. 

Z>»/^. Nay fir you ihall not carry it 
So bravely off, you (hall not wrong a Lady 
In a high huffing ftrainr, and thirfc to b^fe ir, • 
We ftand not by as ba w ds to your SraYe #t*y, 
TofeeaLadywcepe* (worth pkty, 

Leon. They arc tcares of anger-, I befeecb-ye note una not 
■ W rung from her rage, becaufc het will prevay^ not^^ ; I, 
rShe would fbwnd nowif fhe could n^xajr,; ;;;-'' ^ : j^^kk)^ 
El fe they were excel! eniand I ffit^tild grie\;^'e !c6d. 
But falling thus, they (how nor fwcefhbr brienfi.' 
Put up my L»rd, thisi^ t^refliohj 
And calls the fword of luftice tordceve mep • 

The Law to lend her hatid, the kin^-to rightnita 

All whkhilhalluiiderfeijdh^^yc^prpvokem 

In mine own houie to &a v^-mfeej, h tjhis princely > 

Then to iriy guard, and if i fpare yi)ur<jrace. 

And doe not m^ke thi'Splaee y6«t;-?nonnme^ 

Too rich a tombc for fuch a rudei^Btavjoitf ,j , 

1 have a caule will killa thouS^d^j^e; tt^ky|of f^kb^m^^^ 

///^;^.Holdfairefirlbefeethje^/"^^^'«^ :-v;;jt.uv;(>;' 
The Gendeman but pleads Kis own tight hbblyl 

LeofsHe that dares flTifeagaihffii!hehusbatidsfrcedome|./ 
The husbands <!?urre ft?ck^tb hf m',a f^'d cuckold. 
His wife be faire and ybtihgvbtrtmoft djiftioneft? 
Molt iibpactent, and%ave rio fteliiig of it, 
Naconfciencc to reclaime her from aMonflrer 
Let her lyebyhiitt life a flattering ruine. 
And at oncinftantte both name and honotir 
Lethimbeloft,n(>cyetoweepe hisend, 
Nor finde no earth that's bafe enough to bur y him , . 
Now fir fall on, lam ready tooppoleye. 

D^%I have betterthoughtiipray fir ufeywr Wife well* 
Zeofj^. Miiieovvn humanity will teach me that fir. 

And now you are ail welcome, ajl and wee'l to dinner, 

Thisismy wedding day,. 



Jiule 4 y^ifc^ 4nd h4Vi 4 !mfe^ j g 

i)/^ife. He crofle your ;6y y€t. 

M. I have leeti a miracle, hold thine own fouldier. 
Sure they dare fight in fire that conquer women. 

Sane. Has beaten all my loofe thoughts out of meCf 
Ai if he had direiht ixm out 'Q*th hu«kc.- 
Enter Ferez,. , 

Per. Save ye, whidi is the Lady of the houfee 

Lem . That's flbe fir, that pretty Lady, 
•' If you would fpeak with her. 

I».1>(fn Michael Leon^^nothctdsLtCT corned 
Per. Pray doe not know mce, I am full of bufincffe* 
When I have more time ile be merry with ye. 
It is the woman , good Madame tell me truly, 
Had you a maid call'd Ej}if4m4^ 

i^^^^.Yestruly had I. 

Per. Was flie a maid doe you thinfc.^ 

Mdrg. f dare not fweare for her, 
-JFor {he had but a fcant fame, 

P^r. Was flie your kinfc- woman/* 

-^<*rg«Notthatl ever knew, now I look better 
I think you married her, give you mueh joy fir. 
You may reclaime her *twas a wild young girle* 

*Per. Give me a halter, is not this houfe mine Madame, 
Was not {he owner of it, pray fpeak truly, 

^-(ir^ No,certainly, I am lure my mony paid for it. 
And I ncreremember yet i gave it you fir. 

Per. The hangings and the plate too? 

i^^f*^. All are mine fir, . 
And every thing you fee about the building, ' 

ShS only kept my ftoufe when ^ was abfentp 
. And fb ill kept it, t was weary of her. 

A^^^r^. Whata Divell ailes hee? 

Inm ispofTeftileafTureyou, 
^ Pifr. Where is your maide? ' 

Marg. Doe not you know that have her? 
She is yours now, why {hould I look after hir, 
\ Since that firft ho wer I came I never law her. 

Per. I law her later would the DiyeU had had her, 

_ F 2 . ' I tis 

^o ifile 4 Wifeydnd have a Wtfe, 

It is all true I finde,a wiW-fire take her. wrfe. 

Inan. Is thy wife with child Don Michaeli! thy excellent 
Art thou a man yet e ,.i. -i -h 

v^/(7».'When (hall we come and vifit thee? fchards, 

5^»r, An ieatefome rare fruit; thou haft admirable Qr« 
You are fo jealous now « pox a your jealoufy,. 
How fcurvily you look. 

y^T. Pre tbee leave fooling^ 
I am in no humor now to foole and prattle. 
Did flienere play the wagge with you. (keepher^ 

Marg.Yts many times, fo often that I was afham*d to 
But I for'gave her lir, in hope (he would mend ftill, 
And had not you o'th inftant married her^ 
1 had put her off. 

P^r. I thank y e T am blefl ftill. 
Which way fo ere I turne I am a made man^ 
Miferably guli'd beyond recovery. 

/«<«;?. Youl (lay and dine. 

P<?r. Certaine I cannot CaptainCj 
Hark in thine eare, I am thearrant*ft puppy- 
The miferableft Affe, but i muft leave ye,, 
I am in haft, in haft, bleffe ye good madame, 
Andyouproveasgoodasmy wife* <f^/>. 

Leon, Will you come neer(ir,w ill your grace but honour 
And taft our dinner,you are nobly welcome, (me. 

All angers paft I hope, and I fhall ferve yee. 

i^^^^.lhoaart the ftock of men, and I ziitixcthco^Exeutl 

Actus 4. Scena r» 

Enter VeresL, 

Vek lie goe to a con jurer but ile find this pdl-cat^ 
This pilfring wBore, a plagueof vayles I cry. 
And covers for the impudence of women. 
Their AnfVity in fhow will dQCciv^ DiveflSi 
It is my evill Angeli let me bleffe mcc* 


Kule k Ivffe, andh4ve k wife. 4 1 

Enter Efiifaniav^hhit Caskst* . 

tfiif.'Xh he, I am caught,! muft ftand to itftoutlyj 
And fhovv no fliake oi fcare, I fee he is angry, 
Vext at the uttermofl;. 

P^r. My wortfty wHe, 
I have been looking of your' modcftj^, 
All the towne over.' - • '■- f^?^-'"-' ' 

i5y?//My moft noble husband, 
I am glad I have found ye, for in truth J am weary,, 
Weary and lame with looking out your 'Lordfla%. 

P^r. I have been m bawdy howfcs. 

Efiif I beleeve ye, and very lately too, 

. P^r. Pray ye pardon mee. 
To feek your Ladifllip. 1 havebeen in cellsrsj. 
In private cellers, where the thirfty bawds r >/\H\3i- 
Hearc your confeffibns^ I have be-en at plaies^ 
To look youout a^nongft the youthfull adors. 
At Puppet fliewes,you are Miftris ofthe4i>otions| 
Atgosfliippings I hearkned after ye, 
But amongft thofeconfufions of lewd toijgaes 
There's no diffinguifhing beyond a Babeli. 
I was amongft the Nujis becaufc you fing well. 
But they fay yours are bawdy fongs,they mourn for ye, . 
And laft I went to Church to feefc you out, > > a - : • 
Tis fb l6u^ fince you were there,they have forgot ye. 

Eflif.YoVL have had a pretty ptogreffe, lie tell minendiw^ 
To look you out,I v/ent to twcaty Taverns. 

P^r, And arc you fober ? 

J^/ef. Yes,T rcelc.notyet fir, 
Where I faw twenty drunk moft of em fouldlers , 
There I had great hope to jSnde you difguifd loo. 
From hence to'th dicing houfe, there I found 
Qoarrcls needleffcand fcnfcle(re,fwords,and potSjand catir. 
Tab]es,and ftopIes,and all in one conf ufion, (dkfticksj 
And no man knew his friend,! left this Chaos, 
And to the Ghyrurgions went,he willd me ftay , 
For faies he learnedly , if he be tipled. 
Twenty to one he whores, and then I beare of him* 

E i li 


4* ^ Rulidmpf^i^dhave a.wifc 

I^he be mad,he(pafr'els^dbea^he comes t»^^ 
I fought ye where no fife thing would have ventrcd 
Amongft difeafcs,bare,and* vild,vild women. 
Tot I remembred your old Roman axiom, 
Themore the danger ,ftill the more thehonoiar, 
laft to your Confeflbr I CifiiK?jWfeP ^JoW nie 
You were too proud to pray,and here I have found yc. 
-P^?*. She bcares up bravelyjand the rogue is witty. 
But I fliaUrfafiiit iiiftantly tonotbii^p 
Here leave we oflfom? jwgnton languages. 
And now conclude we in a {k^Fpct tongue. 
^ -^y^ff. Why am I co2Lcnd, t 


17'<fr^^. Thon niK){fcvild>bafeab9mim^ 

J?/?f/;Captaine»;^^^;^v-hid; yh iisriv; ^^r 
Perez..lhoi\ ftiiriiingov^xftcwd^'Poor^YocKy* 
£/if. Captaine. ^ 
P^r^^. Doe youEcchome ? 
^//f. Yes Sir,and ggc before ye, 
A nd round about ye, why myle at me 
Forthat,that was yout^owafin^your owaknavcry. 
P^?-^^. And brave me loo. 

£J^(f, You had beft now draw your fword Ca^taine, 
Draw it upon a woman,doe brave Cap taine^ 
Vpon your wife,oh ntc^ renowned Captajne. 

"Pd'r^^.A p&^cup^nthee^anfwer me diredly, 
Why didft thou marry me? 
^^//. To be my husband; 
I had thought you had had infiniteibut i'm cozend. 

T^erez.. Wby'didft thouflatter me,and fliew me wonders, 
Ahoufejandriciiesawhen th^yarebutfliadowes, 
Sbadowes to me-. 

JB/l-rf, Why <iid you work on me. 
It was but my part to requite you Sir, 
With your ftrong fouldiers wit,and fwore yoii would bring 
So much in ehaines, (b much in jewels huijband^ ( me 

So much in right rich cloathes. 
Perez. Thou haft um rafcall ; 

I gave um to thy hanfc^ftrunfe^cLaH j?-; f ^St t 
And thou haft opertd^anii^nd'fold my trcifere;^ ' 
£pf. Sir,Thcre$ your treafiireifeil it to a tinker 
To iiiend old kettles , is this noBle ufage^ 
Let all theW^^rid view^her^ th€ Captaines tresffure, 
A man would think now'tho^Vjmt )^©rth^ tmtt&rs: 
Here's a fliooing-horne chaine^ttmjt^omt^femeth 
Worft thentteiTjou^My durtyt^d itfeifvc^ 
And hcres another d^ayflerValu€^:>i- ^ - 
Solitle,Ivvouldfhametotyemydositi% • - - 

T hefe are my joyritcvMuOAikndii^iuhcit&p^^ I • ;^\y 
Or thefe elfe will b-luOi br yfe^':- n via ztihMq t rn x w 2I 

P<?r4'-?i. /\ fire fubtle ye,are ye Co crafty i^«>X ^^'o^ V -- ;' 

^/?^/. Heres a goodly jevvell, -' £f *^ -J?' 
Didnotyoit winchUat^^/p^^i^Safpf^ffie, • -- -J .- 
Or took it in the field from Come^mv^^Mw^^^dl hn^ 
How it fparkles like an old Ladies-^eyes^' ■^' -n>i '^^^^ ^'^'^'^^ 
A nd fills each roome with light like k tfeie fenUhdrne^i/-^^ 

Thiswoulddoc rarely in an Abby^Hndow, ^ -H 
To cofen Pilgrims. - icXK 

Prr<?-?iPreeth£e leave prating. ?J r-v . . 

?/^y* 4ttd hciie'sa (^ine^f whitingiHBy^Sfbf ^ 
A inuflell-monger would have made a better. • .'^ ':'^ ' 

7^<?^^. Nay>prcctiiee wife,my cloathe^,my cteathesi' 

Your cloathes are patald-ls to thi^re^allcountcrf^t. 

J?atrfieftandjdtem4n,y(>tiareani^ftofGopper,'-^ - j^ 

Akinde of candleftick,thcte you thought my husbaftdi/ ' 

To have cozend me withatl,but I am quit with you. ^ - 

Pere:ii. Is there nohoufe thcH^nor no grounds afeout it^' 
Noplat^>nQr hangingsl^^)fi^'^'>'53\T'^iiji - -.O 

Efiif.ThQTc arei!ioi^%^f'husMhd, - 
Shadow for {hadow is tocqflall juftice, 
Caji you r^ile now,pray put your fiiry up ifir, 
Andfpeakgr^atwor^8.youareafot3ldier,tlimHer^ :).' -^^ ^ 

Perez. I will fp^ Jitk ,1 Tiavtiplaid the foolfe,^*"^^ '^ ^^^ 
And fo I am rewarded. 
J?/?//. Youhavefpokt well fc 

44 RHiedmfiyandhaviAyvtfe, 

And now I fee you are fo conformable, ^ 

He heigh then y ou againcgoe to your houfe. 

They are packii^ to begone,you mud (up there, 

lie meet ye^and bring clothes, and cleane fhirts after, 

And all things fli^ll he wdlj ile colt ye once fiiore, 

And teach ye to bring copper* 

PenK, T ell me one thing, , 
I doe befeech thee tell me,tell me truth wife* 
However I forgive thecartthouhoj^eft. 
The Beldam fwore, 

ejlif. I bidhcr tell yott fo fir. 
It was my plot,alaii my credulous huiband. 
The Lady told you tpo^ 

Perez., Moft ftrange things of thee^ 

Mfiif. Still twgs my way^ and aU to try your fufferance^ 
And fhe denied the houfc, 

^er. She knew ipenot, 
No,norno title that! had. 

i?i?i/. T was well carried J 
No more,I am right and ftraight. 

T'^pri?^. I would beleevc thee. 

But heaven knowes how my heartis,will yd follow ini 
' Efiif He be there ftraight, 

P^r. 1 am fo®led,yet dare notfinde it. ExitVert^l 

Bffiif. Goe filly foole, thou maift be a good fbuldier 

In open field,but for our private fervice 

Thou art aij a{fc,ile make theefo or miifeelfe. Snt.Cac^ 

Here comes another Troutthat / muft tickle;. 

And tickle daintily,/have loft my end elfe. 

jE/^/f.May/ crave your leave fir?, 

Caca. Prcethee be anfwered,thda flialt crave no leave- 
Jam in my meditations,doe not vex me, * 
A beaten thing,but this houre a moft brufed thiW, 
That people had compaffion on,it looked ib. 
The next Sir Palmerin,heres fine proportion. 
An A {remand then an Elephant,fweet juftice, 
T heres no way left to come at her now,no craving, 
/f mony could come neere, yet /would pay hinj. 

I have a mind to make him a huge cuckold. 
And mony may doe much, a thouf and duckets, 
Tis but the letting blood ofa ranck heire, 

i5^y?if.Pray yehearemc. 

Caca,\ know thou h ift fome wedding ring to pawn now. 
Of Silver and guilt with a blind pofy in't. 
Love and a mill-horfe fliould goe round togithcr, 
Orthy childs whiffle, ot thy (quirills chaine, 
lie none of um. I would fhe did but know me, 
Op would this fellow had but ufeof mp^iy. 
That I might come in any . way. 

£fiif. I am gone fir. 
And I {hall tel 1 the beauty fent me to ye. 
The Lady ^-«?'^^ri/^, 

Qaca, Stay I prethee. 
What is thy will, I turjie me wholly to yc. 
And talk now till thy tongue ake, I will hearc yeec 

^// She would entreat yc fir. 

Or. She (hall command fir, 
let it be fo I befecch thee my fwect gentlewoman^ 
Deenotforgetthy fclfe, 

Bftif. She does command then, 
T his curtefy , becaufe ihe knpwes you are noble. 

C^r^ . Your Miftris by the way . 
^ Bflif. My naturall Miftris, , . , , 

Vpon thefe Ie\y elsfir,they are faire andticfa. 
And view um right. 

Or^. To doubt um is an herefy. 

Efiif. A thoufand duckets, *tis upon neceffity 
Of prefent ufe, her husband fir is (lubhorne . 

C^r. Long may he be fb, (parts and perfon, 

Bfiif. She defires withall, a better knowledge of your 
And when you pleafe to doe her fb much honour. 

^^c.Comelct's difpatch. 

Eflif, m troathi have heard hir fay fir, 
-Of a fat man (he has not feen a fweeter. 
But in this bufineffe fir. 

C/ic, Let's doc it firft, 

G And 

^5 ■ Rulea^Wife^aHdhafte^W^^ ■ 

And then difpute,rfie iLadies ufe may \m% for't, 

Bftlf. All fecrecy {he would d^foe, (he told n^e 
How wife you arcv v^ ;; 

C^r. We are riot wife to talkethus, . 
Carry lieriSie gold^ilc lodk^b^ out;a jewdl. 
Shall fparkle like her eyes, and thee another. 
Come pre thee come, ilonfg to ferve thy lady^ 
Long moHllroufly, now valor I IJial^meet ye, 
Youthatdare I?ukes.;' -''*^'- '^^^ ■ u>;^i..nui . o:^ : i^ 
Efiif, Green goofe you af^ildvvinfippfe';' ^ ^'^i^^^*^.. 

Enter the *Z>^%, Sanehhylwan^ AIm^p\ [ ' ^ J ' ' ' ' ^ 
^u^. He.ftiall not have his will, i fliall prevent him;, 
1 have a toy here that will tnrne the tide. 
And fodainly, and ftrangely , heerc 2>m ifis^i 
Doeyouprcientit tohim, i * • 

^/?rf;?. I am commanded. Bxiti 

^tik^ A felfow founded out of Charity, 
And moulded to the he igbtcootemne his maker, 
Curbc the freehand that framed hii^it This ii^ notb^. ' 

^^^^v That fuch aa oyft^ir ftiell fhould^hbld k^§€arrk^: ^ 
Andof forarcapriceinprifon, " 

Was (he made tobe the matterof bet own undoings 
To let a floveiily unweildy fellov^,; 
Vnruly and felfe vviird^di^fj^oTeher' beauties, 
WeiiiffferallGr in this fad EeHpfti - ' - : r^ 

SheChohld flifne^ePt-ffiemightflidwHkeherfelfe^' ~ 
A n ab fob te fweetn eife , to comtort thtJfead mire her,,^ 
And filed her beames uppn her friends « • / /^ 

And all the woW^W^l^rtM^]eat-yc^r patience^, 
. ^if ^ be iravifli?t thus^ 

DPi^k^ Nerefeaf € it Samhi», 
Wcel have her free againe, and move at Court, 
In her deer eorbe^ but one fweet hanfomenefle,, 
To bleffe this part of Spaine,and have that flubberd. ^ 
Alon . Tis every good mans caufe, arKl we muft ftii? in xt» 
Z)a{^- He warrant he (hall begladtopleafeus. 
And glad to flure tooj we (hall iearc anon 


A new fbng from him, let's attend a litlc. Exeum* 

Snt,LeoH, and Inan with ^copimijpon^ 
Leon.C6tom\\^ I am bound to yow fer this nobleneffe, 
I fhould have been your officer, tis true fir. 
And a proud tnan I fliould have been to have ferv*d yoa^ 
'Tas pleas'd the King out of his boundleffe favours. 
To make me your companion, this con^nfiiifioii 
Gives me a troope of nbrfe. 

I^anA re/oycc at it, ^/ v^/oir -iifhi yd v/ 

And am a glad man we fliall gain your Gonijjanjr,' 
I am fiire the King knows you are newly married. 
And out ot that rcfpedl gives you more time fir- 

Zeon. Within foure &es i am gone,fo lie commands mcj^ 
And tis not mannerly for me to argue it. 
The time growes fhorter ftill, are your goods ready* 
Iuan,Thtyzvc aboard* 
Leon, Who waits theref 

Bnter Servant* 
ser. Sir. 
LeonJDoQ you heare ho,goe carry this unto your>liftris :fir» 
' And let her fee how much the King has honour'd mee. 
Bid fair be lufty, flie mxSk raakeafouldicr. Exiu 

f EnUr Lorenzo, 

Lor, Sir, 
Cjoetakcdowneall the hangings, 
And pack up all niy cloths, my plate and lewelsj 
~ And all the furniture that's portable^ 
Sir when welyc in garrifbn/tisnccefl&ry 
We keep a handfome port, for the kings honour; 
And doc you hcarc, let all your Ladies wardrobe 
Befafely plac'din trunks, they mufl: along too. 
Z<?r. Whether muft they goefir. 
Leon, To the warres Lorenzo, 
And you and all, I will not leave a turne-fpit, 
T hat has one dram of fpleene againft a Dutchman. 

Lor. Why then S' Taqueshey, you have made us all fit, 
And if we leave ye, does my Lady goe too. - 
Zf<??^;Theftuffemuftgoeto morrow towards the fea fir 

G 2 All 

Allall imuftgoe. 

Lor. V^h^ Pedro i*vafco,^eg(f. 
Gome help me, come come boyes, foldadocs, comrades^ 
Wee'l fiey thcfe beere-bellied rogues,come away quickly. 

Juan* Has taken a brave way to five his honours {Exit » 
And croffe the Duke, now 1 (halllovehim dear^ly. 
By the life of credit thou art a noble gentlenian * 
Enter J\4drgarita ledky trm Ladies, . 

Leon, Why how now wife,what (ick at my preferment^ 
Thisisnotkindlyd(>ne» . 

Mafg .No fooner love ye, . 
loveyeintirely fir,'brotiTght to con-fider 
TtiegQodrieffebfyour mind and mineownedutys), , 
Bat loofdyou inftantly, be divorc'dirom ye, . 
This is a cruelty, ilc to the King 
And tell him 'tis imfuft to part twofoulcs," 
Too minds (b neerely mixt, - 
. Leo/!. By no means fweet heart, 

Marg, \ f he were married but foure dales as I amv . 

Z^e?». He would hang himfelfe the fifr^r fly his Country. 

^^rg*. He would make it treafon'for that tongue that durft 
But t^lk# of warre, or any thing to vexe hhnj 
You (hall not goe. 

Leon. Indeed I^uft fweet wife. 
What fliall I loofe the Kingfor afewkiffes^ . 
Wee*) ha^enoagh.^ 

.4^?gv lie to the Dukd my cozen j;be toll toth'King*:; 

Z^cJi^iHcdid me this great office; i . 
1 thanfe his grace foi^'t, Abound i prayAtmnoWi'v 
Tdundoe'tagainei fye 'twere abaredifcredit, 

^^r^v Would I were able fir to bear you company. 
How willing ihould I be then, and how merry,; . 
I will not live alone.; •' 

Leon, Be in peace you fhallnot. k^oek^ v^ithh^ 

Mar.Wb2LX kr;ockings this,oh heave my head,why ralcals 
I think the war's begun i'thhoufe already. 

Lean, The preparation is, they are taking downe, 
JVnd packing upthe hangings, plate and lewels. 


f I 

Aiid all thofe furnititrcs that fliall befit me 
When I lye in^arrifbn • 

Snier Coachman, 

Coachm.MvLd the Coa'ch goe too Sir? 

Leo^, How will your Lady paffe to*th fea elfe eafily ? 
We fljall finde (hipping fort there to tranfport it. 

-^'^rj-.Tgoealas. . 

Leo^. He have a maine care of ye, 
I know ye are fickly,he {hall drive the caficrs 
And all accommodation {haJl attend ye. 

-^^r^. Would I were able, 

L^f?^'. Come I warrant ye, 
Am not I with ye fweet,are her doaths packt up. 
And all her linnens?give your maids direftion, 
Y3u know my times but jiiort,and I am commanded a 

^^nj. Let me have a nurfe. 
And all foch heceifiry people with me, 

L<?^«, It fhall not trot I warrant ye, 
Curveat it may fbmetimes. ^ 

Marg, I am with child fir. 

Leon. At (cure daies warning,this is fbmething fpeedy. 
Doe yoM conceaveas ©ur jennets doe with a weft winde. 
My heire will be an arrant fleet one Lady, 
He fweare you were a maid when I firft lay with ye* 

Marg, Pray doe not iweare , I thought i was a maid too* 
Biit we may both be cozend in that point Sir. 

Leon, in iiich a ftrait point lure i couldnot err e Mada^mv '^ 

lHms'Vm\& another tendcrneie to try himi, > 
Fetch hir up now* 

-^4^ .You muft provide a eradk,and what a troubles tfiaf ;" 

Leon. The fea fliall rock it, 
Tis the bed nurfe; twill roare and rock together, ' 
A* fwinging ftorme will fing you fuch a lullaby . 

Marg. Faith let me rtay,l (hall but (hame ye Sir. 

Leon, And you were a thoufand fliames you fliall along 
At home I am fure you*le provea million, (with me, 

E^ery man carries the bundle ofbis finncs, 

Vpon his own back,yoii are mirte,ile fweat for ye* 
Eftter Duke^^lonzicr^ Sanchio^ 

^uke. What Sir,prepariiig for your noble /ourncy ? 
T is well and fuH'of care. 
J faw your minde was wedded to the warrc, 
i^tid knew you would pfove fome good manfor your cofitry,' 
Therefore faire Cozen with your gentle pardon, 
I got this place, what mourne athis advancement.^ 
You are too blame,h*e will comeagen Itveet cozen, 
Meane time like fad Ftf»^/<?/^<?and fage, 
Amongfl: your maids at home,and hufwifely. 

Leon. No fir,I date not leave her to that folitarineffe. 
She is youngi and griefe or ill newcs fi-om thofc quarters 
May dayly crofle her, {he (hall goe along Sir. 

Du^. By no meanes Captainc. 

Z^^«. By all meanes an*t pleafc ye? 

^»/^. Whattakea youngand tender bodied Lady, 
And expofe her to thofe dangers,afid thofe tumuks, 
Afickly Ladytoo. 

Z^<7». Twill make hir well Sir, 
Theres no fuch friend to health as wholfome travell. 

*y^;7r^. Away it muft notbe. 

>^/^;?, It ought not Sir, 
Goe hurry her,it is not humane Captaine. 
^^uke, I cannot blame her teares,frighther with tempefti 
With thunder of the warre. 
I dare fweare if fhe were able* 

Z^^». Shee is mod able. 
And pray ye fweare not^fhe muft goe theres no remedy. 
Nor greatneire,nor the trick you had to part us. 
Which J fmell too ranck,too open,too evident 
(And I muft tell you Sir,tis moit unnoble) 
ShalLhinder memad Oiebut tenhoures life, 
Nay Icffcbut twohoures,! would have her with me, 
I would hot leave her fame to fb much rurne. 
To fuch a defolation and difcredit 
Afl her weakneffe and your hot will wood worke her too. 
Enter FereK.1 


Ruk 4TVlfe,mdhme4 Wife. 51 

Leon, What Mafqu€ is this now? 

More tropes and figures, to abufe my fufferanc^, 

Whajccozen's this? 

luan. Michael van owieyhow doft thoU? 
In v/hat dark barne or tod of aged kry 
Haft thou 1 yen hid? 

Per. Things muft both ebbe and fiowCoronell, 
And people niuft conceale,and Chine agen. 
You are welcome hither as your friend may fay Gentlema, 
A pretty houfe yee fee hanfbmely feated. 
Sweet a;id cbnvcnient walkesjthe waters criftall. 

-^Z^;?. He's certain e mad. 

lua-^. As mad as a French Tayler^ 
That has nothing in 's head but ends offiiftians. 

^ Verez., I fee you are packing now my gentle cozen. 
And my wife told me I (hould findeic fo^ 
Tis true I doe,you were merry when i waslafthcre> 
But twas your will to try my patience Madam. 
I am forry that my (wiftoccafions 
Can 1 ^t yxxi take your pleafure here no longer. 
Yet I would have you think myhonourd cozen. 
This houfe and ain have are all vourfervants. 

Leon What houfe,what pleaiure fir, what doc you n\can? 

Vere^, You hold the j eft fo ftiffCjt will prove difcurtious, 
T his houfe I meane,the plcafures of this place, 

L<?<3«. And what of them? ou 

Ver. They are mine Sir,and you know it. 
My wives i ajeancand fo conferd upon me. 
The hangings sir I muft entrcat,your fervants, , 
That are fb bufic in their offices, 
Againe to minifter to their rightufes, 
I (ihal 1 take view oth pi ate anon,*and furnitxires 
That are of under p]ace,you are merry ftiil cozen, 
Men of great fortunes make their mirths ad piacitum. , 
, L<?<?».Preethee good ftubborne wife, tell me dirertly^. 
Good evill wife leave fbolingand tell ntehoneftly, 


-^-«<rf. I can telly ee nothing. ^ 

l^eon, I have many kinfmcn, but fb mad a one. 
And lb phantaflick>all the houfe. . 

P^r^;t,. All mine. 
And all witbin it J will not bate ye an ace ont. 
Can yon notreceave a noble curtefie. 
And quietly and handfomely as ye ought Coiize? 
But you muft ride oth top ont. 

Leon, Canft thou fight^ 

P<rr. lie tell yeK>rcfently,T cood havedone fir. 

Leon, For ye muft law and claw before ye get it • 

Inan, Away^no quarrels, 

Leon, Now I am more temperate, 
lie have it proved if you were never yet in Bedlam, 
Never in love for thats a lunacy , 
No great ftate left ye that you never lookt for. 
Nor cannot mannage,thats a ranke diftcmpcr 
That you were chriftcnd,arid who anfwer'd for ye. 
And then I yecld. 

; Ver. Has halfe perfwaded me I was bred ith* moone^ 
I havenereabufhat my breecb,arenot webothmad. 
And is not this a phantaftick houfe we are in, 
And all a dreame we doe, will ye walk out fir. 
And if I doe not beat thee prefently 
Into a found beliefe,as fenfecan give thee. 
Brick me into that wall there for a chimney pcece. 
And fay I was one oth C<f/2rr/,done by a feale-cutten 

Leon. He talke no more,come weele away immediatly. 

Marg, Why then the houfe is his,and all thats in it, 
lie give away my skin but Ileundoeyee, 
I gave it to his wife,you muftreftore Sir, ^ 
Ajidmakeanewprovifion. ^ j^zen 

Per. Am I mad now or am I chriftend , you my pagan co- 
My mighty Mahound kinfman,what quirk now; 
You fhall be welcome all, i hope to fee fir 
Your Grace here,and my coze,we are all loujdiers, 
And muft doe naturally for one another, 

Dnks. Are ye blank at this, their/muft tell yeSir, 


Ru!e/ilVife}findhavt4H^ift. 5| 

Yc have ne command,now ye may goc at pleafurc 
And ride yoiir affc troope,twas a trick I lUe 
To try your jcaloude upon entrcatie. 
And laving bf your wife. 

Z<f<?;i. All thisnotoiouesme. 
Nor ftirs my gal],nor alters ray a6Fe(fHons, 
You have more fiirniturcmore houfes Lady, 
And fich ones too, J will make bold with thofe, 
And you have Land ith Indies as 1 take it. 
Thither weelegoe,and view a while thofe clyraatSi 
Vifit your Fa(fi:ors there,that may betray ye, 
Tis done,we muft goe. 

Marg, Now thou art a brave Gentleman, 
And by this facred light I love thee dearely. 
The houfcis none of yours,I didbut /eft Sir, 
Nor you are no coze of mine,! bcfcech yee vaniOi* 
I tell yoU p]aine,you have no more right then he 
Has,that fcnrelcfle thing,your wife has once more foold ye: 
Coc ye and confider. 

Leon, Good morrow my fwect cozen, I (hould be glad fir. 
T'tfr. By this hand ihe dies for 't. 
Or any man that fpcak cs f orrfier. Exit T^r. 

/«*!;». Thcfe are fine toyes. 

M^rgXtt me rcqucft you ftay but one poorc month, 
You fliall have a CommilTion andile go-5 too, 
Give me but will fo far. 

Z^<7«. WclU will try ye. 
Good morrow to your Grace,we have private bufineflc. 

Buke, if I miffe theeagen,Iam an arrant bungler. 

luan. Thou {halt have my command,and ile march ander 
Nay be thy boy before thou {halt be bafled, (thee. 

Thou art fo brave a fellow. 

AloH. I have feen vifions. Extftnt, 

Actus. 5. Scena. i. 

Enter Leon 'ivith a letter ^and Margarita. 
Leon, Comchether wife,doe you know this hand? 
4^^^^. I doe Sir. 

H Tis 


^is Sfiifitmasythsit was once -my woman. 

Leof2, She writ€S*to me here, that one C4C4fig^ 
A ufuring Jewellers fon( I know the rafcallj 
Is mortally f aline in love with ye. 

Marg Is a monfter, deliver meirommountaines. 

Leofi, Doe you goe a birding.ior all forts of pepple. 
And this evening will come to ye and ftievv yejewelss 
And offers any thing to get aeceffc to ye, 
Jf I can makeor fport or profit on bim, 
(ForheMtforbothJfliiebklsmeufehiii),: .. .-> .: . 
A nd fo I: will ,bey pu con foFmatde,aml follQW^flU mq^^w? ill 

A^^rj^ J fHall not faile fir. 

Leom Will theDuke come againe doe you think, 

Has now no polJicie to bringhim hither. irnn 

Leon, Norbring you to hini,ifmy.wit hold hmmii^' 
Lets in to dinner, ' [ j. -..-E^emh: ' 

Fere^, Had i but lungs enough to bawlefufficientlys 
Ihatall thequeancsinChriftendome might hearemc*. 
That men might run a w^ from contagion^ 
I had my wifh;w<)uld it wepeinoft hi^ treafon* . 
Mofl infinite high, for any man to marry, 
I mgane for any man that would live hanfomcly, 
And like a GenriemanyiBiiis wits .and oredits/ 
What torments fliall I put her tOyPhftl^MMlmm^. 
Fox. they love bulling too well^though they.fmoaksfoc^, 
Cu^te kpeece^y^very peece will live ftilU- 

Andev^ry mprjfeJJof her will dpe mifchiefej . 

They havg:Xo many li ve$,th€re's no hanging ofuai 

5^b^y, are too lighj: t0cfrQ^)vne,tihey are cork an<i fcathcr^^,f 
' To bur ne too cold, they live like. SaU tnandcrsj;; ; 

Vnder huge heaps oi Aones to biiry her, 

hnd fo depreffe her as they did the Giants; 

She will move under more then built bld'BabelL 


Enter Cacafogo ypith a Cas ks^*' 
CW.Be cozend by a thing of clouts,a Ihe motii. 


'That every filkm3nsfhopbrecds;t6 be cheated. 
And o^ a thoufand duckets by a whim wham. 

"Per. Who's that is cheated, fpcak againe thou vifion^ 
But art thou chcatedfminifter fbme comfort. 
Tell me direftly art thou cheated bravely, 
Come,preethee come,art thoufo pure a coxcobA ' 
T o be und one^oe not diffcmble with me, 
Tell me I conjure thee. 

C4C. Then keep thy circle, 
Tor I am a fpirit wild that flies about thee. 
And who ere thou art,if thou bc'ft humane, /■. 
lie let thee plainly know,I am cheated damnably. 

P^r. Ha,ha,ha. 

C^c, Doft thoulaugh damnablyj fay mod damnably. ' 

7er\ By wh6m,good fpirit {peak,^eakha,ha,ha.i:: f nr y 

Cac, 1 will utter , laugh till thy lungs cr^k, by a rifcalS 
A lewd,abominable,and plain woman/ (woman j 

Doft thou laugh ftill 

Per. I muft laugh, preethee pardon me, 
I flialllaugh terribly. 

C^r. Tfhall be angry,terrible angry,! have caufe. 
P^r.Thats it,and tis no reafonbut thou ftioaldft be angry, 
Angry at heart,y et I muftlaugh ftill at thee,. 
By a woman cheated,art' fure it was a woman? 

Cac, I fhall break thy Tiead, my vallour itches at thee, 

^er. it iis no matter,by a woman cozend, 
Areall woman. 

fT^r. Arealldivell; 
Plague of her jewekandhepcopper chained. 
How rank they fmell. '-'■■[' ' r 

Per, Sweet cozend fir let me fee them, . 
1 have been cheated too,^ would have you note that 
And lewdly cheated,by a woman alfb, 
AfcuFvie Woman,! am undone fweetSir, 
Therefore I muft have leave to laugh. 

You are the m err ieft undone man in Europe. 
What need we fiddles, bawdy fongs and fack, 
^ H 2 When 

5 6 ItfilealVifeyAndhAve AfVife. 

When our own mifctics (^an make us merry. 

I bavcfeene theiejewelsjwhatanotable pcnniwortfs 
Have yon tiad next your h€art,you will not take Sir 
Some twenty Duckets. 

Cac. Thou arc decciv'd I will take 

Per. To cleere your bargaine now. 

C^c, He take fome ten/ome any thing,fbme halfe ten^, 
Halfc a Ducket. 

^er. An excellent lapidary fet thefc ftones fiire. 
Doe you mark their waters? 

Cac, Quick-fandchoak their waters. 
And hirs that bought urn too,but I fliall finde hir., "' 

^er . And fo (hall 1,1 hope.but doe not hurt her,. 
You cannot finde in all this kingdome. 
If youhad need of cozening, as you may have, 
for ftich grofle natures willdcfire itoften,. 
Tis at fome time too a fine variety, 
A woman that can cozen ye fo neatly, 
She has taken halfe m'ne anger oCwith this trick. ExiK 

Cac. If I were valiant now.* I would kill this fcUow>^ 
I have mony enough lies by me at a pinch 
To pay for twenty ralcalls lives that vex me> 
/letptbisLarfy.therepfhalibefatisfied. Exit, 

Enter heoffyafjd AiaK^arhai 

Leon, Comcjweele away unto your country houfe,, * 
And there week learne to live contently^ 
This place is full ofeharge,and full of hurrey,. 
No part of fweemefle d wcls about thcfe citcie*. . 

Marg. Whether yoii will,/ wait upon your pleafure; 
Live in a hollow tree Sfr^fle live with y^e. 

l.eott4 ^; now you ftrike a harmony a true one. 
When your obedience waits upon your husband^. 
And your flck will aimes at the care ofhonour , , 
Why now /dote upon ye, love ye dcarely. 
And m y rough nature falls like r oaring ftreamesa . 
C Jeercly and fweetly into your embraces, , 
O wJiat a Jewell is a woman cxcellcjit, 

Rule a wife, 4nd have dmfi. 57 

^ wife a vertuous and a noble woman, 

When weenacct fuch,wc bear our ftamps on both fides,. 

And through the world we hold our currant virtues, 

Alone we are fingk meadalIs,only faces,,. „^>>4. 

And weare our fortunes out in ulclefle fliaaowcs^ 

Command you ntjw, aiid eafe fn^ of that 'jrgul^c, 

IlebeaishumbletQyouasatervant, /- '^ r 

Bid whom you pleafe, in vite your noble friei;ds> 

They (hall be welcome.all,vifit acquaintance, ^ 

Goe atyour picafure, now experience (^la^ingfivords. 

Has link't you fart unto the chain of gqodnefle: fi^cry.ivithinjo'^ne 

Whatnoife is this, wha|difimliayr»iiO(:/T,-':y. ^'^^ ^^^^'^ fi^ords. 
-^^r.Tis Towd tooi ''-,-. r:. 'V- ' - 

Sure ther's bme mifchiefc done i'th ftrcct look out there, 
Leon, Look out and help;. 

Enter A Servants 
S€r,0\\ fir the^Duke Medina. 
Z^<?». What of the Duke Medim> ., ;,,_, 

Ser, Oh fweet gentleman, is all jnon; flaiQv t] , 
Aiarg.h waya way&help him,allthehaufchelp. Bxtt 
Z^(?«^ How flain.^ whyv^^;:'^'i3fm/>, Sfrvant^. 

Why w ifc, fore fonxe^i^ w ,4e vice they have %foot againef . 

Some trick upon niy credit, I {hall meet it, 

rhad rather guide a (hip imperiall- < 

Alone, and in a ftofme, then rule one woman.. 
Enter jyitk;e,MargMrita^SmchiOy 
AlofjgjiOy Servant, 
MArg. How came ye hurt fir.? ^" !?r'c ■• 

T>uke. I fell out with my friend the noble Gbrone]l,> 

My caafe was naught, for *t was about your honour; 

Andhet-hat wrongs the Innocent nere profpersj 

And he has teft. me thtc for charity. 

Lend me a bed to eafe my tortur'dbody^ 

That ere I pcrifl:i I may flio w my penitence, 


LeoHs Help gentlemen to carry him. 

There (hall be nothing vci this houfemy Lord> 


Z)/^4, 1 thank ye noble^^;^-^ f^ - r : 

Zeori: To bed with hiini and wife give yourattendandd*' 

luan. X>od:ors znifni'0on% 
^uk. Doe jibtdifquiet me> ^ . * - - 

But let metak^emy lealvii^j^Caec. SxitBukeS^nehnAhnl 

Tis rarely coiinterteitfed. -' 

If^ati. True, it is (oRti 
Antl |ak« you heed, this lafl: blow doe not Ipoile ye, 
Hiei^fickhurt^oitfj^^emade^^dffle,^^' ' ^^^ H 

As t|6tigh we purposed migeritb^rfamefcfatGh 
On's hand he took, to colour all and draw compafllon> 
Th^t he fnigfiit get into your houfe more cunningly, ' ' 
i muft not (lay, (land now, and y'^re a brave fellow. 

Leon^ I thank ye noble CoronellV^^d l honour ye. Exit 
Never be qiiiet. z'*^ " -i^^l y' (Imrt, 

EfJter Mar^ark^i''^ r. ^-^ 

i^^r^. He's moftdefperate ill fir, 
I doe not think thcffe ten months will tecoycr him. 
" jC^iT^. Does he hire^iyfeufe to play the foole in. 
Or dbes i-ffliaritf oh Fak-y^-oiinH We'a^Mmted, = 
Are all men and their-w-ivcs troubled with dreams thuso 

Marg, What aile you fir? - 

Z^(?». Nay what aileyou ftveet wife. 
To put thefe daily paftiliieson i^j^ patience; 
What doft thou fee in mee.that i (hotdd fiffer thus. 
Have not I done my parti ike a true-husband', 
Andpaidfomedif|3erat€debts you never look'd for. 

J/^r^.TGuhavedonehandfomcly I muft confeflefir. 

Leon. Hava^'ndt kept thee waking like a hawke? 
And v/atcht thee With tfelightg to ^tisfy thee? 
The very tithes of which had wonne a widow. 

Marg. Alas I pit ty ye. 

Z(?^?^. Thou wilt make me angry. 
Thou never fa w*ft me mad yet. 

M^r^. You at^e alwaies. 
You carry akind of bedlam ftill about ye. 

Leon. If thou p<5r%ft 0i<5 farth<^ jriiii Aarfe imi^ 
if you have more hurt Dukes or Gctxtlemen, 
To lye here on your cure, I (hall be dcipetate, 
I know the trick, and you (ball feel l kaow iPi . 
Are yefohoJrthat no hedge cancontameye, : ' <c- . 
He have^^heelet blood iilalkhe veines aboU)t tj^^cyji woH 
He have'thy thoughts found (tloo, and have them opeu'd, 
Tfey fpirm pjrg'djfor tbofc are they ^hat fire ye> 
Thy maid (hall be thy M'iftristhou the maid, 
And all thofc fcrvHe labours that.fhe reach at, 
And goe through cherefully, or elfefle^ €;i^|>ty, -. 
That maid fhall lye by me to teach you d^ity. 
You in a pallat by to humble ye. 
And greeve for what yon loofe* 

M^^.lhav^loftmyfelfcfir, ,,..: .- 

And all that was ray bafe felfe,diiobcdiende, . ^ M^eks 
My wantoi^dle my ftubbornenefle'i have loft tooy { - v ■ 
And now by that pure faith good wives^arc crown'dwith, 
-^ By your o ^n noblenefle. 

Enter jilteaixyb MdV.A I Ia^: ^jra ii^A l^q^j^ WOii-i . 

Ze(^n, I tak^yeup, a*id tirearey^ticxt my heart^ !? : d ' T 
S ee you be worth it. Now what with you? ■ 

JT/^. I come to tell my Lady,.;:, : 7; 
There is a fulfomefcllowwouldifainfpeak with her «' 

Leo^. Ti« CacafogfgoQSind entertaia^ hiip^ t ^v td i 
Ani draw him oa^withhopeso on woi-l - \}U? 

M^r^i ffiallobferve ye^K-ni .... r-- . i!-'{^ zy: 

Zem; I ha^r^e zmc dcfigneHfjpntBktsg^tleoiini),; 
And you muft work too^ .;! • r^ - ; ^n 7 :^a [ /^' ^ 

j^h: I (hall fir moft willingly ^ - * ms i /\j I i 

Z^<7«/a way then 6^tbj&ke«pMmclofeiitfomcplice^ 
Ff pm tl?e prtces (ight, and keep thcDiikein too,!/; w ji/f 
Iviakeum beleeveboth. He find time to cure ujh; .Mxemr*. 
Enter ^€re:<,y and Eftifania with AjPiJkGilfi 

Per, Why fiow darft thou meet nfic againc thou reb<ill. 
And fcnowft hQ>l^thou haflf uied mee thrice, thoulrafcall, 
Wer^ there not waies eiiough tofly my vea^eaqcej^ 


^0 RHle^^tfeymdl7mj£A'vt>lfei 

No holes nor vaults to hide thee ftom my fury, 

But thou muft ineet me face to face to kill thee? 

I would not feek thee to deftroy thee willingly, 

But now thou-comeft to invito me^ 

And comefl: upon mee, ' '^ • 

How like a (beep biting RogUe taken i'th manner. 

And ready for the halter doft thou lorfc now. 

Thou haft a hanging look thoufcurvy thing, haft nerc a knife 

Nor never a ftring to lead thee to EHfium? 

Be there no pitti&ll Pdtbecaries in this townc^ 

That have compaffiori upon wretched women, 

And dare adminifter a dramme of rats-bane. 

But thou maft fall to mee? 

Eftif, I know you have mercy. 

Per, I f I had mnnes of mercy thou dekrv*ft none,' 
W hat new tricks is now a foot, and what new houfes 
Have you i'th aire, what orchards in apparition, 
What canft thou % for thy life? 

J?/?//. Litle or nothing, 
I know yoVl kill me, and i know tisufelefle 
To beg for mercy, pray let mc draw my book out. 
And pray alitle. 

P<?^'. Doe a very litle. 
For I have farther bufinefle then thy killing, 
1 have mony yet to borrow, fpeak when you are ready* 

EHif, Now now fir now , Jhetves a Pfftoll. 

Come on, doe you ftart off from me. 
Doe you fvvear great Captaine;have you feen a fpirit. 

^er. Doe you weare gunnes. 

Eftif, 1 am a fouldiers wife fir, 
j^nd by that privil edge I may^e ari$rd. 
Now whats theneWes,and to's difcourfe more friencfly,^ 
. And talk otour affaires in peace. ^ 

Pre thee let me fee thy gun, *fis a very pretty one. 
^J^i/. No no fir you fhaU feele. 

Per, Hold ye villainc, what thine own husband? 

Eftif, Let mine ov^n t usban d then, 
i -. Be 


Be in*s own wits, there, there's a thoufand di^kets; 
Who muft provide fpr ypa, ^iid ye j, you') J^iU jpe.^ 

Per, I willnothiM^tthee fortet^tboufiAd^.i^ {am, 

Efltf. Wiieriiwilly$)U,Ted?€;iii y^r leM^eiy hf\^? pawn*i^ 

You:fce fbinwhat,wemuft,fe^|) t9Prf?y^^,£^, ,; ,., ^^ .^.^ 

T^r. lie kifle thee, ?r:;;- ; ^ - * 
And get as many more, ile makej^gc faji^iw^ 
Had wetheflioufe oow^-'nrnT ?{j4>rif 

If that be vanifh ttherQJb^?3or<^t9(t>£^^^^ 
: '^m' Lfeeiaman^OfewheachGijiarti^;erem^/ n,>/ 

Z<?^?^.Ts the fbole come, ir ^ 7; :j>| '^)rrri u^^Y 

« v^/if^4. Yesandi'thGeRigs 6ft|r>v ')ir; -''^^drfoY 
And there hie ihkshijigo^ihQii^c |i|U^»^^^ 
He will make dainty muhck among the l^^CTJDiitt Ji , 
I have put him jull fir, under rthg'J^ttk^^qti^mber. 

Z^Jtisthebetter/ r ,,;,;,^.;^j;^l3,,r^^ ;.H 

^Itea. Has givenme roia^Iy, ...^cHLri} uo^ -u.: j.:r A 
Andtomy Laayawho!eJoaaorp©rt|g|je5»;,->^*' Vf a -.n 

Lem. Better arid bctte^ftill, goe Mar^gai:|ta/ 
Now play your prizev you (ay you d^r^ be tencft, 
Ileputyetoyour beft. , ^itrhjjV ^v ^v - 

M^r^. Secure your felfe(ir?i gly?'fl^€;iJp^?i^ 
PalTeawayinfilence. ' '^ -^^''SilfUff ' " 

cS'^<f \nockt. 


©«i^. Who's there, oh oh. 
^ M^rg. My .tpfdv.:.-^ ^.^.^ ^\^ ^'!j-z:6 vjr -u^' 

T^Mkemthm^ Hay!ey§ b^rougjit n^^; comfort,. j| , , ,^^ 

Come forth 'tis i;cQm^gent]y pjijife 6^g^^:^ .^ , ^,' , 

ComefoWytOD^how doe you*,j.-j^^ ^. '.^^u^; 
Dtik^. Arethel'e none here, J . 

Letmcje]oo)?.rQ|ind|;we fanrio5bejt9pw^^ nqifelf/lowr. 

Oh let meWeflfe^h^lK)ut-f,ar^yo^ajQne 
M^^^- Alone ;orComfo|t you. • Cac-^figQ makfi 

^»'i. What's that youtumble, a noife below, 

I have hear^anpifethijSfhalfehQure under mee, * 

A featfull noifc. 

Marg, The fat thing's mad i*th ccllcr, 
And ftumblcs from one hogs- head to another, 
Two cups more, and he nere ftiall find the way out. 
What doc you fcare, comc^ fit downe by mee chcarcfully,' 
My husband's fafe,how doc your wounds, 

i^^/^. I have'nonc Lady, 
My wounds I counterfeited cunningly, Noffe Mow^ 

And feined the quarrell too, to injoy you fweet. 
Let's loofe no time, heark the fame noifeagaine. 

Marg. What noife, why look yc pale, l hearc no ftirring. 
This goblin in the vault will be fo tipled, 
You are not well I know by your flying fancy, 
Your body's ill at eafe, your wounds, • 

2)«t 1 have none, I am ns lufty and as full of health. 
High in my blood.- 

Mar£. Weak in your blood you would %, 
How wretched is my cafe willing to pleafe yc. 
And find you fbdi(ab)e. '-V ^^ ' * ^^^: ^ 

D»^ Bcleeve itie Lady. 

IsiArgA know you will vcntef all youhave tofati^fy me^ 
Your life I know,Dut is itfitUpoilc yce. 
Is it my love doc you think. 

Cacaf be hyp. Here's to the Diike. 

BhI^ It named me certainly, 
1 heard it plainly found . 

M^^^. You are hurt mortally, 
And fitter for your prayers fir then plcafure, , 
What darts you make, T would not kifle you wantonly^ 
For the worlds wealth j have i fecurd my Husband, " 
And put all doubts afide'to be deluded. 

jCacafogo belovf, XcomQ^ComCn 

Z) »i^. Heaven blcfle mee. 

lAar£. Andhlcffeusbothjfbrfurc this is the DivelL t. 
1 plainly heard it now, he will come to fetch ye, 
A very fpirit, for he fpoke under ground, 
A nd fpoke to you /uft as you would have fnatcht me^ 
You are a wicked man, and fure this haunts yc, 

' ' "^ Would 

HuUii IVifc, and h4vc AfVift, 
Would you were out Q*di houfe. 

D/i^/^. I would I were* V / 
A that condition I had leapt a windoWf 

Uarg. And that's the Jcaft leap if you mean to fcape ffr, 
Whywhatafrantickman were you to. come here. 
What a weak man to counterfeit deep wounds/ 
To wound another deeper . 

Z)«^. Arc you honeft then. 

Marg, Yes then and now* and ever^ & excellent honeft, ' 
And excrcifc this paftime but to rhe w ye. 
Great men are foolcs fometimes as well as wretchcjf* 
Would yon were well hurt with any hope of life. 
Cut to the braines, or run clean through the body^ 
To get out quietly as you got in fir, 
I wifli it like a friend that loves ye dearely. 
For if my husband take ye, and take ye thus a counf ei:feit^ 
One that would clip his credit out of his honour, 
-Hemuftkillyeprefently, , 
T here is no mercy nor an howcr of pitty. 
And for me to intrcat in fiich an agony. 
Would fhew me litlc better then one guilty. 
Have you any mind to a Lady now. 

*Z>/^it Would I were offfaire. 
If ever Lady caught me in a trap more* 

Marg, I f you be well and lufty, fy fy fliake not, V 

You fay you love me, come, come Wavely now, 
Difpife all danger, I am ready for ye, 

Z)«^. She mocky my miicry, thou crucll Lady* ¥K^ 

MargJYhQMQXMQ^ Lord,wouldfi: thou betray my honefty, ^ 

Betray it in mine own houfe, wrong my husband. 
Like a night theefe, thou darft not name by day-light. 

i^»^. I am moft miferable. 
• ^^r^. You are indeed. 

And like a fooliOi thing you have made your felfe fo. 
Could not your owuidifcretion tell ye fir, 
When I was married I was none of yours. 
Your eyes were then commanded to look off me, 
And I now (land in a circle and ff cure, 

la ton 

^4 RuleAiri^^d'MhatfeAf^p. 

Your fpells nor power can ne\^et' teatli :tri j? bbdj^,* 
Mark me but this, and then fir be-nioft miferaW,^' 
Tis facrikdge;:© viol^iHvfey&ckj^ ^ouii.. 

You roK too TeiiipleVs^ make your fdfctwicd ^^^^Y^ 
You Tuine1iirs,andfpdthir' itobre husbancH; • ^^ 

Dnk^ Let me be %oi^;l\tntVctmottfM^'^'t.. 

lAarg. You cannot goe, 'tis not tahre'to-live'ye,; ' ^ 
Dare yedoeill, and j)Oore]y theii flitinketiiidet it^^ " ' ' 
WeVe: Tth^ DuJfe %l^ 
For you muft fight arid bra Vdy; it contbriles 'J^^ 
You do'e me doiibte wrong tf ybii ffieak'c^'fi^s ; 
Andall th^\^bfldW6i!lld'fafi'l6v*da^c^ . ,. 

And you nli^ft^dye^tb&l^ p^wfl^ '' '"^ 

And leave your youth, yoGt honbtit and y^sixr fiat^, 
Andallthofedeei^^eli^iyGUWdtlhip ^o^f% 

Z>^ii.Tlien(iifeygaitiei'^ *;" - ^^^..^^ l ..ii . fyl&wi 
Cacaf. Mo^mM^ MVb^8t^1f '^(ffi 15*^ fe;' ^ ': ;; - ; ^ j 

M^r^. The Divell haunts you lune'ryow fitines iai^dmi^try^ 
A drunken Divell tob^tb plague ydnr Villariy ^ * ' ^ ' ; ■ - i 

^//i- Preferve me'bdttffif 'oiice- 

M^f'^.ThefcVa^a*,^^^"^^''";'^^^''''^" "' Z 
In the nextyard,ifyouda{^9aitW a^T^^?^^''^-^^^< ^^'^^ 

It is but death. ' ^- it . . 7. i ..&^W^>.C\^ 

. D^i I would not a]f^rT)^^VtcTicdlyf^-^^'^ 

M/^rj-.Orit ofiigarratfwihdowllelet youtio\vh^theii> ; 
But fay the tbpetJ^ rcrttenV'tisbuge! high tot)e 

D/^4 have yoij no mercyj ; . .. ^ t 

M^^.NoW^uiPd'^frighti^d tlirBtp.% 
And find what tistoplay thefoole in folly, 
And fee with cleere eyes your detefted folly, 
lie be your guard. 

D^^ And ile be your true fervant. 
Ever from this houre vertuoufly to love ye, 
Chaftly and modeftly tolook upon ye, 
Andherelfcaleit. - * . w 

Marg. I may kifleaflranger,for you miift now be fql^^'^^y 
E'nt.LeonjHaniAlonXbySmthtdl - ,. 

X-f^;^»How doe yoii my Lord^ 


Me thinks you look but poorely on this matter. 
Has my wife wounded ye,you werb wellbrfor^. 
Pray Ci r be comforted, I have forgot all , 
Truly forgiven too, wife you are a right one , 
And now with unknownenations I dare truft yee. 
/^^«. No ffiore fain'd fights my Lord, thcy-neverrpitofper. 
Zf<7;^.Who*sthis?theDiveIlinthevault? : ;• 
^It, 'tis he fir,and as lovingly drunk, as though he bad ftu- 
Caca, Give me a cup of Sack j andkiffe mcLady, (died tt. 
Kiffe my fwect face^^nd make thy htisband cuckold. 
An Ocean of fweet Sack,{ha]l wc fpeak trealbri?: . ■ 
Z<?<?;^. He is diviliJCh'difunk. ; • - 

Duke, I bad thought hehadfcecne adevill. 
He made as many noyfes and as horrible, 

Z^^»* Oh a true lover fir will lamtnt lowdly, 
Which of the butts is your Miftris, ^.oi^jy^ 

^4r<«.Battin thy belly. • - ^' ■^'^\ 

Leon, Tberes t wo in thine lam fure, *tisgrownc fo moh- 
jf/*^^. Butt in thy face? (ftrous, 

Z<r<?». Goe carry him to fleepe, 
A fooles love (hould'be drunkeljp has paid well For*Moo, 
When he is fober let him out to raile, : i' *' 
Or hang himfelfe,therewill be nolofle of him. 

Enter Per e^^and Eflifania. 

Leon, Who's thisPmy Mauhoundcozeii? 

Per. Good Sir.tis very good,Would I had a houfc too,' 
For there is no talking in the open ayre, . . " 
My Tarmogant CouzeJ would be bold t^ tell ye, 
I durft be merry too; J; tell you plainly^ - ^ - 
You have a pretty (eat^yoa ^mtthQ^^'kxC^ 
A pretty Lady too,I have^ift'bot?^. 
My Carpenter built in a myft 1 thankhim. 
Doe me the curtefie to let me fee it, 
Seeit butonce more, But I {hall cry for aiigcr. 
ile hire a Chandlers (hop clofe under ye. 
And for my foolerie,fcl I fope and whip-cord*, 
Nayifyoudoenot laugh now & laugh heajtily 

? 3 You 

eS Rule 4yi^ift,4nd have 4'»lfi] 

You arc a fbole couze. 

Z<?<?» . I muft lauglia litle, 
And now i have done couzc thou fhalt live with roe 
My merry couze,the world ftiall not divorce us. 
Thou art a valiant man,and thou flialt never wan^> 
Will this content thee? 

P^r. I le cry e,and then ilc be I hankfiiU, 
indeed i will^and ilc be honeft to ye. 
I would live a fwallow here I mufl: confcflc, 
Wife I forgive thee alHf thou be honeft, 
At thy perill,! bcleeve thee excellent. 

Efiif Jf I prove otherwaies,let me beg firfi:, 
Hold this is yours,{bme recompence for fervice, 
Vfe it to nobler ends then he that gave it. 

^nke. And this is yours,your true commiffion,Sir, 
Now you area Captaine. 

Zf^«. You are a noble Prince Sir , 
And now arouldier,Gentleman,we all rejoyce in't. 

Inan, Sir, I fhall wart upon you through all fortunes*: 

^loK. And I. 
. ^/^ And I muft needs attend my Miftris^ 

Z^6>;?. Will pu goefifter .<• 

ex^/? . Yes indeed good brother, 
I have too ties,mine own bloud. 
And my Miftris. 

^^rg". Is fheyourfifter.^ 

Lton, Yes indeed good wife, 

Forflieprov'dfo'wench, < 

When flie deceav'd you with i loving husband. 

Alt, 1 would not deale fo truly for a ftranger. 

Marg. Well J could chide yee, 
But it muft be lovingly and like a fifter, 
/Je bring you on your|\yay,and feaft yee nobly. 
For now ? have an honeft heart to love yee. 
And then deliver you to the blew Neptune. (ly, 

iHAri, Youf colours you muft weare, & weare em proud* 
W^re em before the bullct^and in bloud too, 


Vnd all the world (hall know 
Weare vertues fcrvants. 
t)akc. And all the v^rldJhaU k?BWf M nobie mindt 


Good night eiir wort hy,friends^ and may pu fart 
^aclpwtha^merry^^ndasfree a hart 
K^sjou came hither*^t9ihoje noble eyes 
*Andgive ablepng to our labouring ends ^ 
As we h4>pe manj^tAfuchf^-tuntfiud- 
Their own defires^wiuesfaire at^ light as chafl; 
To thofe that live by flight 
Wines made in bafi^ 



■::*St^. ■